Will be Killer Instinct on EVO 2014


If the platform is Xbox360 i wanna know if Killer Instinct will be one of the fighting of the list to the tournament???





You don’t so don play it, and stop doing or saying that, maybe you are a frustrated sf4 player o of other game and you don’t like it, i respect you, respect the other opinion you $##&^$%$*$%


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To answer your question, no one knows. The games haven’t been announced yet. Considering the game isn’t even in the hands of the community yet, it’s definitely too early to tell.


Thanks, but any way i Hope it be, i think KI will be a great figthing for tournaments.


I personally hope it bombs just so TOs don’t have to invest in Xbones. $100 extra per system adds up really quickly.


official lineup is usually announced by the end of January.
If I had to guess I’d say it will be there.


you are rigth, the engine its really cool and it incredible fun, I can be play it for five hours straight jejjejeje


Honestly its a matter of public opinion I would say at this point. The EVO staff have already shown that they are willing to do anything if there is a large enough voice for it. However for it to be warranted to go out and buy all those xbones the KI community would have to be as big if not bigger than the SF community its just too much of an investment.

To put things in perspective there was a similar situation when t5 dr came out however it took a whole year for that to come to fruition and mind you at the time the T5 was proven to be a huge game for the community for a couple years straight. It wasnt just because it was the new hotness. Granted yeah I can see how it being the new hotness with it being unproven, and all would still get it in, with the past 3 years going as they have. Honestly i see things changing after last year. though there were too many games and alot of the communities felt like they got shafted not being put on the main stage on the final day.

Also we can kinda get a feel for what the lineup will be based on popularity and stuff the staffs said

Marvel 3 (given)
SF4 (given)
Anime Game (given poll was taken as to which one it will be I’m hoping GG since Xrd will be HUGE next year)
3D game

Now I dont think were gonna have 8 games like last year and the one game i didnt account for was smash making a return or not. I think and hope it will, they put on a good show and got the most views I heard there were some discrepencies about ruleset but I also wouldnt be suprised if they made changes for smash based on how huge it was. Plus theres a new one of those coming out as well. Really KI is the odd man out but so are the nrs games IMO and thats a slot the KI community could take but that would require you guys to do what alot of the nrs guys dont do throughout the year and that COME OUT AND PLAY. and since half of the KI community is ex NRS community people I’m not gonna hold my breath.


The worst thing about this right now: Xbone doesn’t appear to run multi-platform releases as well as PS4 for similar reasons to why the Xbox 360 tends to run multi-platform games better than the PS3. Evo adopted PS3 early due to Tekken, which resulted in years of Sf4 and Marvel being played on the less than ideal system. I’d hate to see a repeat of this.

Locally and smaller majors tend to rely more on borrowing gear, so it’s less of an issue for smaller TOs, obviously.


KI at Evo will be pretty much a shoe in. It’s very like Microsoft has a dealing with Evo and Evo staff or past tournament Evo placers worked on the game (Mike Z, Ponder bros. etc.).

Whether it stays at Evo after that depends on turnout post Evo. Since KI is an Xbox One exclusive, worrying about multi plats for that game any ways won’t be an issue.