Will C-Royd qualify for Evo again this year?

Whats up guys.

I use P groove. I dont know how to play CvS2.
Last year, I qualified by beating everyone in my pool.
Problem is, I dont do any combos except for parry into (move) into super and fierce into uppercut.

Is this generally enough for P Groove? I dont know anything about cvs2. I just hit fierce a lot with CBS. I lost to Genghis in the winners eventually and then lost to some random K Groove guy a little bit after.

My flaw lies in my lack of knowledge of the game. But I’m not willing to learn. So are there any more basic things I should know about CvS2? Nothing too complicated, because then I won’t care.

I’m just asking for very basic strategies for P Groove with CBS. I know all the parry-baits and priorities. That’s about it. THanks for your help.

Oh yeah Btw, I don’t block. I mean at all. I dont care how much life I have, I wont block. Unless of course someone activates. THen I have to block the beginning…and then i’ll start tapping random parries and eventually get one or i’ll block the whole thing. I always go for the parry. Got me qualified last year and it was fun. So I’ll do it again this year. So anyone who plays me at evo, do mid attack XX uppercut and you’ll beat me. Dont try to convince me to start blocking. I just won’t.

So post your “Very Basic P Groove CBS strategies for C-Royd”. I’d actually prefer if you guys PM me instead of replying here cuz i probably wont come to this thread a lot, but I’ll check here every now and then. The reason why I made a new thread on it’s own is because I wanted to describe to you my style of play and how do improve on it (without actually changing it).


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i hope you qaulify! Js master better go this year to!

Ummm that’s basically all you have to do. parry into fiercexxxspecial. Since you’ve got that down pretty well, there’s nothing else to let you know.

i dont know but i found this thread pretty hilarious. hope you get through to the finals man :clap:

I cant figure out who hes trying to mock. :wtf:

i’m being dead serious!

lol I think he is … Except I seen you do hop super … liar =P

yeah i can do hop super perfectly. That’s easy. But that’s a basic CvS2 general tactic. I’m looking for basics P GROOVE tactics.

Parry everything.

…I do

Trash talk when you parry things so that you break their mind.

Do parry -> throw every now and then just to piss people off. It’s the 3S thing to do.

i believe in you CRoyd…
your goin to top 8 this year

pick two Sagats

You probably know all the “Very basic” stuff already.

Stuff like, you can get thrown/command thrown out of a parry, so watch out of obvious set-ups like tick-jabs, slow projectiles, and very deep/meaty jump-ins.

Other stuff like, stay away from people who RC command throws, especially on wake-up. Or people with super throws. Unless you’re trying to bait them, of course.

Avoid trying to parry certain characters jabs and shorts once they have a full bar. People like C-Chun, A-Sak, A-Bison, A/K-Kyo, C/A/K-Akuma, etc. You’ll likely eat 75% damage AFTER they hit you with a light attack.

I mean, is there really much more to P groove, strategy-wise, than “parry everything”?

lol he knows how to play

I play the same as C-Royd, except i can’t parry that well. How do i win?

I’ll play anyone at Evo for $1. Practice it up, guys. That’s how much my CVS2 skill is worth. And I rounded up!

BEAST- i’ll play for $1.

it’s OVER