Will capcom ever make a NEW street fighter game?

so i have been playing street fighter 4 since 2008 does anyone else want a NEW game? super street fighter was enough, they could have just given AE as a free download same with 2012 edition. But capcom feels as if re-releasing the same game 3 times with slight changes for 30 dollars is what the fans want.

Kids these days are so spoiled.
Us old bodies had to wait a fucking decade for sequels (and bad ones at that) and you’re bored after a few years?

I hate you.

prolly in 2018…i hope not soon though…weird enough i think there are too many fighting games coming out soon!

history has repeated itself. We’re being over-saturated with mediocrity but this time instead of other companies it’s Capcom leading the way.

i had been waiting for a new duke nukem for a long time T_T

I wasn’t…I quickly moved on.

Because it is what the fans want. Capcom has been doing this for years.

They’ll move on to a new Street Fighter game when the SFIV well is empty and that’s not happening anytime soon.

We’re still waiting for a new duke nukem.

lmao :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW…SF4 came out to consoles in 2009.

Eventually they’ll make SF5, and everyone on the internet will claim to hate it, yet everyone will still play it and it’ll still get the most entrants at tournaments.

i predict they will release super street fighter 4 x turbo arcade anniversary championship 2012 edition.

My guess is Street Fighter V will Come out in 2017 or 2018.

I would give it six months to a year after the next-gen consoles drop. Depends on how long the SFxT/TxSF gravy trains run (I’ll give them a year).

There’s no real proof that it isn’t what the fans want. Both SF4 and SSF4 sold over 1 million units.

I’d love to know what they’ll do with a SF5 though from a marketing perspective. They pretty much used up all the nostalgia they could with SF4 by including almost every god damn SF character from previous games. I don’t want want SF to go the way of Tekken and have 60 something characters. The cross over games of the future will be in the triple digit cast sizes.

oi just the thought of having that many characters in a game makes me sick.

How about a new freaking fighting game IP or a reboot of something old(No, not Darkstalkers dammit). It’s not like most of the Street Fighter kiddies would even recognize Powerstone or Rival Schools now.


no kidding.

Rival Schools 2 had/has potential to be a competent fighter… Never got the opportunity to play it till a friend brought over his copy. I must say, it was impressive. I will say, that Plasma Sword… Was rather disappointing

Yes. Lets remake awful fighting games. Especially with the track record Capcom has now among the FGC.