Will capcom ever make a NEW street fighter game?

Historically, numbered Street Fighter iterations always coincide with a new console generation. Off course no one will read this post since it a)makes sense and b)everyone is too busy flaming everyone else.

Will probably drop on PS4/Xbox 720/Wii U the year after TKxSF

Nope, There wasn’t one for the six generation console era. if they skip the eight generation console era then we might see 5 in the ninth console generation.

My personal belief is that skullgirls may bridge most of fighting game complaints since its not being ran by tyranny… I have the highest hopes for this game… For everything else sfxt, sf5, tekken 7 (coming soon im sure lol), soul calibur 5 or 6 or whatever, and DOA 5 or 6 or whatever seem to be more of a cash in…

OH! Less we forget blazblue… adding 2 chars every few months…doesnt make it a full priced game…it’s a dlc.

SF3? I mean, its very early, but its first console release was on Dreamcast.

Dreamcast was 6th gen. SFIII came out on Dreamcast. You can say that they actually skipped the 5th gen. But at that time, they were focusing on the Alpha sub-series. Besides, this still supports my point - that Capcom never releases proper sequels (or prequels) within the same console generation.

Hell yes

It can’t be any worse than SFIV. I think Niitsuma’s team did an okay job with MvC3 considering that they seem to have less resources/time compared to Ono’s team and Marvel was a giant dickwad with the scheduling and character selection. I wouldn’t mind seeing another Tatsunoko vs Capcom or Rival Schools from them at all.

Just let Ono make Street Fighter vs KOF as a little distraction and we’ll be just fine.

You already got Tatsunoko vs. Capcom 2. It’s called UMvC3

Why don’t you try some other IPs for a chance OP; preferable something that doesn’t have a blue and yellow logo on it.

Oh, it could be so much worse.

They need to make a new Alpha.

Also, they should try out making HD sprites and give the 3D a break. I’m tired of seeing banana finger chun.

will arc system works ever make a NEW guilty gear game???
will snk ever make a NEW fatal fury game???

are you saying my post makes sense??? gee…I was just kind of ranting. lol.

A new rival schools would be great. I wouldn’t mind another go at Tatsunoko vs Capcom because of its unique tatsunoko roster. As far as a new street fighter game, I thought SFxTK was going to be the next step forward, but there is so much negativity around it, no one knows how longs it’s going to stay above water.

Counterpoint: Street Fighter x Tekken

Fixed because I want my CvS2 main back in another game.

[LEFT]Ono’s been on the roll lately with his take on SF & fighting games. I wonder what his next project will look like. :wonder:[/LEFT]

oh god why would you remind me


I have faith in Ono and his team to deliver an excellent fighting game experience with Street Fighter X Tekken

kids these days are so fickle-minded and difficult to satisfy with new fighting games. also, lazy and whiny when they have difficulty learning the game(s), so they get upset and rant or make threads on SRK asking if Capcom “will ever make a NEW Street Fighter game???” and expecting something to drop in on a whim. better read up on your history and understand that companies like Capcom are pretty adamant when it comes to developing and releasing a new new game before they completely milk their current releases for what it’s worth, especially one of their flagship franchises such as SF which is very profitable for them right now.