Will Capcom support SFV with balance patches? (also a Q about Claw)

Hey guys,

It’s been years since I’ve been on these forums. I’m a claw player, back when I was on SF4 Claw was bottom tier / Sagat was God tier. I was very disappointed in Capcom for not releasing a balance patch to address such issues.

  1. Will Capcom support SFV with occasional balance patches/minor fixes? If not, why not ?

I’ve been spoiled by Blizzard (Sc2 player) with constant balance patches in an attempt to make all races equal. I know you can’t compare RTS to a fighting game, but still… The community shouldn’t have to tolerate major imbalances.

  1. To those who have played beta, how would you rate Vega (Claw) tier-wise?

Thanks guys !

  1. Yes
  2. Beta tier lists are a joke imo, but Claw felt pretty strong and he was very fun to use. He is a stance change character now. He has access to all his classic space control pokes in one stance, and a command grab in his other stance, allowing for a more rushdown style.


They will routinely support the game with ‘fixes’, especially if it is gamebreaking. But for balance patches, it will happen annually most likely, once a year after Capcom Cup.

There is a Claw thread. Tiers at this moment in time don’t matter. They actually rarely do since tiers only reveal themselves to be true at the highest levels of play.

Ty, gents. wow. annualy o.o still, better than nothing.