Will change to stick in about a month what to practice till then?

i am new to sf4(only 5-6 month playing) and fighting games (played a little tekken before)
going to buy a stick in about a month and ssf4(hope it helps with execution, will it???)
what should i do till then, keep practice movement?(which i know i will have to change once i get the stick)
or fight more online to just learn the game aspects?(no people to play off line so sad!!)
thank you

Honestly I just got a stick recently and there isn’t much you can do to prepare for it. You just have to play the hell out of the game once You get the stick to quickly transition. Also never turn back to your pad even when you lose due to bullshit You know you can beat if you Were using you’re pad.

If you happen to have a piano/keyboard around somewhere i’d give it a try to get used to using more fingers than just your thumb :wink:

as for the stick, don’t know what could help you, sorry

I played on pad for about a year before switching to stick, and I’ve been playin stick for about 3 months now and I’m still not fully used to it, there’s not much you can do to get ready for it unless you can use someone else’s stick to practice.

depending on your level there might be nothing you can do to prepare.

for a newbie, practicing basic jump ins and cancels is a good way to prepare

if you’ve moved past the most basic stuff then focus on learning the range of your pokes and match ups tactics

finally if you’re past that, start practicing your combos but, don’t be too concerned with link timing. You’re basically trying to get to a point where you feel like the pad is holding you back (something like Ryus hard trials for example)

I would think basically anything that involves playing the game is good. Yeah, you will have to adjust to the new controls, but everything else will be exactly the same. Learn your character, other characters, the general game dynamics, and such.

thank you all for you help

well there are some things that are important that don’t have to do with execution/stick finesse like zoning, spacing, blocking, etc. in fact they’re more important. too many players try to learn the flashiest combos and get wrecked because they have horrible fundamentals.