Will computer video lag on standard def TVs?

Everyone knows by now that PS2 will lag on a high def TV. Does anyone know if hooking a computer up to a standard def TV using components or whatever will cause lag? I’m asking because I want to get a setup that has both a PS2 and a PC hooked up and it’s looking like I either have to go for a HDTV and a VGA box to upscale the PS2 or a SDTV and some component cables to downscale the PC. All the games being played will be in 4:3 so aspect ratio won’t be an issue.

you should not see any lag on standard tv’s (CRT)… thats for sure. Except maybe when you have a very high end piece of equipment that uses lots of picture optimizer technology, but if you can switch that off it should just be fine. CRT’s rule for gaming!

Most modern video cards can handle this without lag. Many higher end cards even come with s-video and component out.