Will Console Internet Be Disabled?

Will the PS3 internet connections be disabled beforehand? I’ve played in several tournaments where it was not disabled and noticed lag spikes pop up occasionally through the match, not to mention all of those “X is online/offline” messages. Furthermore, if the internet isn’t disabled for some reason, can the players choose to temporarily disable it? Thanks.

Bumping for info.

Why would they even connect the consoles to the internet if this is an offline tournament? Your question makes no sense.

this guy is my hero.

Public wifi + autoconnect. Also see ya in pool 31.

dear yosh doesn’t own a ps3 obviously.

Lol you swear like any casino in vegas is going to let you get online with anything on their property for free. That shit is locked out.

Dont worry, all the lag spikes will be from the shitty ps3 port itself

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