Will dlc charavters from CS carry over to cs extend?

Im wondering since I bought makoto and valkenhayn if the dlc stipp counts and xarries over. Or once you get extend they’re free?

Once you buy extend, you get all three of the “CS2” DLC characters, and also Relius Clover.

This is why extend is a great deal for people who don’t have CS2, and a pretty lousy deal for those of us who have been supporting the franchise with DLC buys.

Wow =_=. At least I didnt buy platinum

I do wonder if we can keep the DLC Colors and the Announcers as well.

I hope the additional characters (Makoto, Valkenhayn, Platinum, and Relius) will be fully playable characters in any modes on BBCSX. Back when Makoto, Valkenhayn, and Platinum were DLC characters on BBCS I had complaints that they cannot be played on arcade and legion modes.

they are playable in all the modes

From what I’ve heard on DL, all DLC from CS is unlocked via the Gallery point system, you basically get points for playing the game, Arcade, vs, online, story, etc… when you collect enough points/level you can purchase older things such as colors, voice announcers, or unlimiteds

Ah, so the worst of both worlds. All the DLC you’ve already paid for is included, but you have to work to unlock it. :wink:

They’ve already announced a bunch of new DLC…announcers for EX too.