Will Doom and Strider still be best buds?



So my question is what are your thoughts and opinions on Strider? Will he still have the same chemistry with his pal Doom? One of the many things that made the chemistry was the lock down created by rocks+orbs, but unfortunately both have been nerfed imo.

Ouroboros is now:

  •   A level 3
  •   Does not lead to meter gain
  •   Does not do chip damage

That’s three nerfs!

It actually seems like Ammy’s cold star assist (in replacement of rocks or even missiles) fits that role now for Ouroboros (if it is still practical) mix ups. Cold star seems like the closest thing to MvC2’s Doom Rocks so it seems like a good choice.

Team Clockw0rk 2.0: Strider/Ammy/Doom?


Who knows. It’s too early to take Strider or most of the cast in UMvC3 seriously. The Strider you see now - chances are won’t be the Strider you see 4 months from now. Right now, Ouroboros could kill Haggar so it’s actually pretty damn buff in spite of it not gaining meter or dealing chip. They could make it a decent level 1 or maybe Strider will be the first character with a level 2 hyper or… who knows?


true but this is all speculation and it’s never too early to do some.


You’re not going to see the exact same synergy out of the two simply because as said both Strider on point and Doom as an assist are technically nerfed compared to the past. With that Doom still has some of the best assists in the game and probably the only character in the game where all 3 of his assists are legitimately powerful so you could very well see something going between the two. Any of Doom’s assists can find a way to make a character better depending on their play style which is why I like to have him as anchor. His doom beam assist especially provides a lot for Dante and X23 that I can regularly make use for them. Level 2 XF X23 plus Doom beam assist can shred up a team pretty nice as it is and helps her get in easier so it’s very well you could see the doctor help out the ninja again.


Wasn’t Strider high tier in MvC2 because of Doom Rocks and their ability to help the trap? And haven’t Doom rocks been nerfed pretty bad in MvC3 (or at least considered bad by most players)?

I’m guessing the same tactics could be applied, but it would be interesting to see if even Clockw0rk will carry the team along the path to success.




The thing is that Strider’s tracking Teleport Divekick is fucking crazy. Clockw0rk was talking about how Strider could track people at superjump heights, and it’s create hard knockdown. It will probably change the dynamics of the two just by the fact that Doom could actually benefit from that godlike assist.


with the health nerf sentinel cant damage soak and build meter for strider anymore. i find that to be a bigger problem than doom rocks IMO


Strider hits you a couple of times with arrows and deals as much as Strider/Doom did in MvC2. At this point its all a big meh.


I don’t really see what Doom adds to Strider at the moment that any other “get in there, stay in there” assist wouldn’t.

For instance, Strider + Vanilla Akuma Tatsu or Strider + Drones seems just as good as Strider + Doom beam or Doom rocks.

However, what I do think is cool is that both Strider and Doom benefit nicely from “get in there, stay in there” assists, and so they might just gel on a team anyway benefiting from the same assist.

Strider/Doom/Sentinel could still be a scary flexible team by being able to call both assists in quick succession during 1 Strider pressure string.


Orbs seems like a much better lvl 2 super to be honest. Level 1 Orbs in this games would be stupid broken. Level 3 Orbs makes Strider an anchor, something I don’t believe Capcom intended to happen. Level 2 would be the right mix of not being broken, and allowing Strider to fulfill any of the three orders.

To be honest, Doom really doesn’t really work with Strider anymore just from initial looks, but anything can change between now and November, especially after Evo impressions. That crazy ass Divekick has much synergy potential for Doom and a slew of other characters.


Let Strider evolve. This is not MvC2.

So you can’t do the ouroboros trap. Good.

Personally, I’m happy that it’s a level 3.


I’m not happy it’s level 3 at all. Not only that no meter building-- level 2 or level 3 and build meter. Otherwise, I’m very happy of the changes. Especially the end of charge motion for satellites and MVC1 wallcling.


Doom lent Strider his copy of Final Fantasy XIII and Strider never gave it back.

Shit won’t be same between them this time.


Chemistry was destined to be different the moment Doom’s Molecular Shield was changed. Here’s an unscientific rundown I did…:sunglasses:

MvC2 Rocks:
3 Rotations around Doom before launch
Traveled at a slow speed across the screen
Could hit OTG at startup.

MvC3 Rocks:
1 Rotation around Doom before launch
Travels nearly 1.5 times faster across the screen
Can’t hit OTG at startup (not sure about this)

I’m not saying Strider’s Satellites can’t still be effective with Molecular Shield, but hours in the Danger Room will be needed to determine just how.


Who’s to say that he needs to use Ouro to win matches? He has 2 level 3’s afterall so he can basically choose between a highly damaging standard level 3 or Ouro and I hear he packs a punch in his basic combos also.


OMG there was never any synergy between strider and doom, just strider and prolonged blockstun / with chip damage.
Even if ouroboros was exactly the same as mvc2 the assist that provided the best combination of prolonged blockstun and chip damage is no longer doom’s rocks.


Hell he wont be as good cuz of the length of time u can call doom, u might aswell use the rockets thats a better lock down tho actually dante ammy and a few others could work just as well but from the looks strider will be raping


Also: why isn’t this just part of the Strider thread?


Best friends for life.