Will Evo be live-streamed?


Will evo be streamed live over the Internet?

If so, is it free?

If not, how much does it cost?

Where can I buy it?

How will I find out the link?

Will games overlap each other? (eg, street fighter iv being played at the same time as melee)


Evo will definitely be streamed…they are probably going to wait until after registration ends to announce stream details.


sign ups are over, right? very surprised theres no information about the stream. I’m happy to drop the amount i did last year for the HD stream again, it was pretty much flawless, spooky was godlike.


We will announce tomorrow.


How will archives be handled? I’m gonna be going back home to visit family this weekend and will be traveling during the times stuff I wanna see will be on.


There are many unanswered or ambiguous details:

  1. What, precisely, does the premium stream get you? (I’m willing to pay if this gets answered)
  2. Can you watch the entire tournament without the premium stream? (each livestream channel available for free?)