Will EVO be the birth of next gen pros?


Does anyone think there is a chance that the finals could be two new faces? Will there be another group of guys that start chopping down the pros?


I’m assuming you’re talking bout SFIV.

No, the most new faces like me can hope for is to get outta pool play. Personally, I’ll be happy getting outta my pools and getting past one round.

The stuff that the vets have, such as footsies, on the fly adaptation, mindgames, and psychic dragon punch comes from years of CvS2, ST, and to a lesser extend, 3S. Be patient, these vets paid their dues for years, so it’s natural for them to make it into the finals.

And move this to the evo forum. Or maybe even SFIV forum.


Yes, every evo can turn out like that…
I don’t care how good you are, or you think you are there is always somebody out there that is better than you!
In a game, nothing is gauranteed somebody, at EVO could be nasty and just run the table. Maybe this is his 1st tournament, just because you’re not a pro, dosen’t mean youre not experienced, or have good footies, just means you have not been doing it professionally, and people dont know about you. But in the end, my answer is no… i still believe Daigo will be in the Finals vs. somebody.


if its not a tournament or event dont post it in here