Will Evo still come on DVD

As I want every match and not just the best highlights

As I wanted all 5 DVD’s or whatever would have came out


Go download the ISO.

customflix will not be selling the evo dvd.

Is it possible that you might be looking to other DVD production companies to take over from Customflix? or has the possibility of a DVD release been abandoned in favor of making the whole thing available for download.

Like Abhi, I was very much interested in purchasing all 5 of the DVDs rather than downloading & burning.


I got an e-mail from Customflix today stating that they are still working on the dvd’s. Went something like this “I assure you that we are still working to get this resolved as quickly as possible and have every intention of releasing this DVD.” So I really don’t know who’s in charge but I was hoping to actually purchasing the dvds as well and not downloading it. That and I also have dialup. So i’m gonna be crossing my fingers!

If worse comes to worse, have someone burn you a copy and mail it over to you and then donate… seems to be the easiest solution as I assume the iso version we’re downloading is what you’d probably get from customflix.

where do you go to get the torrent file to dl the evo dvds?

i really wish the dvds would still at some point be made by the cannons, even if its a home made job with the dvd covers and cases printed on blank cases haha.

I dont have a dvd drvie, dvd burner, or any space on my HD. and each disc is pretty huge. plus my computer sucks, so this puts me in quite a situation. id rather watch the dvds on my 360 for full price. maybe you can sell some home made copies at evo2k6 on hand? ill be sure to by the set.

Errrr, i’ll talk to my friends who own dvd burners and try to figure out something, stay posted