Will fraps record SF4?



I don’t see why it wouldn’t… That’s merely a guess though. I’m not 100% confident.

Why in the name of fuck wouldn’t it?

There’s nothing special about SFIV, Fraps will record all the matches you want.

It will record, but depending on how powerful your rig is, it might cause frame lag, thus making it difficult to even play the game.

As a guy who used to fraps DAoC and WoW on a fairly above average box, I wouldn’t do it with SF4. A single frame is much more important in SF4, and I used to drop 10-15 FPS while frapsing.

But to answer your question, yes it will work.

Yeah, it will, but there’s definitely an FPS drop. I thought about using the PC version for an upcoming tourney so we could record using FRAPS, but the framerate drops are just not suitable for tournament play (especially for finals as we had planned). On my Quad-Core Q6600 system with a Radeon 4890 graphics card, I still had framerate drops while running the game alongside FRAPS.

well his point is valid since fraps will only record if a game is running with direct x/

and since sf4 using directx then it will record.

dont believe me then try to record your desktop and it wont work
or try recording a game and then minimize, it will pause…
its really lame in that way.

is there a way to do it without the fps drop or to decrease it

Yes; you have to have a separate computer feeding outwards. Alternatively have a separate hard drive to record onto from the one you are playing on.

if you sf4 drop frame when recording at 720p and over, set the resolution down to 720x480p. I record all my replay at 60fps and the quality is super, even when i watch it at full screen.

ok thanks for the help

Having an Uber computer and a second hard drive to capture on is the easiest solution.

will an external drive work?

Why wouldn’t it? The point of using a second hard drive would be to lower the i/o on the hard drive that you’re reading SFIV from, it’s a pretty basic concept…

You could try with the wegame client as well. Supposedly it doesn’t lag


I just tried both Fraps and WeGame.

Im gonna have to go with WeGame for recording on this. Why? Okay so when I record the game with everything maxed out and have fraps set to 60fps and half size, the frame loss isnt to bad but when playing online, I can see it being a big problem. When I tried WeGame, I didn’t feel any frame loss nor did it display any in the top left hand corner. The problem is the video that comes out is a bit jerky, its not a 100% smooth, even when recording for HD gaming.

I will take the laggy video over laggy gameplay.

System Specs for those that care:

Core 2 Duo 2.40ghz
4gigs of Ram
Nvidia GTX 275 896MB

the simplest solution is just use a videocam to record as you’re playing