Will GC to GBA wire adapter work with RJ45 wire mod?


Hey guys, will a gamecube to Game Boy Advanced wire adapter work for making disconnectable wire for RJ45 MC Cthulhu mods? Because it’s a dollar at my local GameStop.


No it will not. I’ve already tried.


^thanks for the heads up Gum…and I think I received the goods today. My wife said I got a USPS box in the mail from Virginia Beach


Seriously? I am very very surprised by that, but I haven’t tried.


^ my thoughts exactly. I assumed anything with a GC plug.


Yeah I was surprised as well. I believe the GC->GBA cable was using some of pins #4-6. It was over a year ago when I tried using it so I can’t remember exactly which pins it did use, just that it didn’t use all pins 1-3.