WIll Hakan Make Me Worse?

I can’t find a main which i feel has ruined my potential, I think if i mastered one character i may get to 3000 pp instead of 2000 pp.

I feel like hakan is a waist of my time because hes so hard to use and win with, though i do enjoy playing with him if i at least come close to looking at all decent.

my basic question here is… when i use hakan i feel like i don’t absorb to much of his info because hes so out of my league, im getting the basics but its been a week or more and i still get blown up by kids who are horrible.

do you think its best for people to stay in there skill set of charterers, or do you think a kid with 2000 pp (best way i could help you determine my skill) could handle HAKAN!

edit: I don’t always loose, i beat kids wit 2000 pp every once and awhile, and i beat a 4000 pp t-hawk, and we were even in all are fights, i barely lost them… I hate to use pp to help people determine my skill, but i can’t think of any other way.

Play hakan if you want. This thread is pointless. Non char will ever make you worse. A bad char like hakan can only strengthen ur basics. Also stop caring about pp and bp

The comment about BP & PP is true, you aint in Japan so it isn’t even important.

The reason you lose to scrubs is because you’re not playing around the scrub mentality. You should be less concerned about being beaten by shit players and more so by good players.

Do the “C to Shining C” achievement that will help you on who you should main.

you feel that Hakan is a “Waste” of your time to play, yet you took time to write about him on SRK’s Hakan Forums? Do not do that again, your setting yourself up to act like a troll.


When I interviewed him and he said what he said about getting good with Dhalsim online, it applies for Hakan as well. You’re gonna have to take it. Not all Hakans here came out and was Beasting with him day one. Okay, we were but that was because people didnt know the match ups, now that people know it, we got destroyed on several occasions, so we stepped our game up. Take it!!!

The day you stop worring about points is the day you’ll get better, regardless of what character you play with.

Its not about beating people online, its about getting better. Ive beaten the very best in this game online. CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU WIN NOTHING! and when I see them offline at tournaments, they lick their chops, why? because they’re experience vets in a tournament setting and seeing how I beat them online makes them remember me and its like, " Uhh huh. You got me online. now can you do it here in front of a crowd, better yet in front of thousands on a stream?" Moral of the story. Its about getting better not wins or loses online. Hell you wanna use hakan and dont lose points go to fucking endless matches.


Grind it out with Hakan and you will become so much better on defense. Whether or not he’s the right character for you. I was a total scrub at this game until I picked up Hakan. He forces you to deal with nearly everything because he has no escape options. Especially when he’s dry.

So there is no way Hakan can make you worse as a player. imo. No clue whether he’s the right character for you, though.

don’t assume, i don’t care about pp, it was the best possible way to describe my skill, there is no other way unless i had replays which i don’t.

I never said i cared about pp did i? ill lose all of it with hakan, or all ill play endless drrrr, i didnt need that suggestion.

i don’t care if offline is harder, or i will get wrecked because of the difference, i ONLY play online, so thats my world.

thank you anyways for the tips, i hope your all right about me gaining skill wit him… I guess ill keep on grinding them gears, hes such a hard mofo lol

Don’t worry about having difficulty with him, that’s the point with Hakan. He is very technical, but as CitizenCIA, zangief2000 and PongBoom said, Hakan will only make you better. Admittedly he has bad defense (especially when he is dry), but this really does help you learn to be patient and block instead uppercutting your way out of trouble. Stick with him if you can, because he’s a blast to play once you have him figured out.

If you have to ask, then there is no helping you