Will Hori continue making PS2 sticks?


Or did they pretty much move on to the next gen consoles?


why would they?


I thought they might considering the PS2 is still pretty popular. I think they are making (made?) and Arcana Heart stick but I’m more interested in a new HRAP2.


Man no point in making a joystick for a market that will be dead and gone once everything becomes downloadable content.


They just made the Arcana Heart 2 arcade stick so if they continue making FGs for it you can bet they will continue making sticks for the ps2.


I wouldnt mind a PS2 stick, although my console sounds like its about to kick the dust soon so I would probably just end up throwing some buttons on a cardboard box with a Sony PCB. Saying that I wouldnt mind any kind of Hori. God I need some cash.


http://www.horistore.com/ shows a new PS2 stick released yesterday.