Will i be good with an hrap?

im new to sticks and im so frustrated now on which stick to buy. im leaning toward the hrap 3 and sanwas, but will i be good with that? do alot of ppl use hraps and like em? what aree my other options besides the sf4 sticks. if anyhthing ill get the fightstick but will i be good with buying an hrap. is it newbie to use a non custom stick>?

Understand if you never used a stick before, regardless whatever stick you use it WILL take some considerable time to adjust.

A better stick isn’t going to make a you a pro in an instant, it simply does not work that way. There is much more things involved that make tournament players good, it’s basically 90% mental (strategy, knowing when to commit to a move, knowing when to go on the offense / defensive, mind games, knowing match ups, knowing that Move A has more priority over Move B, and a lot of other things) and 10% physical (timing and execution of moves)

For a starter stick, you really can’t go wrong with a Standard Edition FightStick modded with some Sanwa parts.

Like all things. Newbie Stick =/= Cheap Stick.

It’s actually

Cheap Stick = Broken Stick in 1 to 3 months.

If you want to invest money to purchase a stick, make certain you buy something that IS going to be good and is going to last you a long time.

Because consider this, It’s expensive to get a good stick, but it’s EVEN more expensive to buy a stick that eventually breaks only to have to buy another stick that was a GOOD stick to begin with.

I could not have said it any better OmegaDL50. It is mainly the player, but a good stick will not restrict the skill potential of a player that a cheap stick would do.

i think the hrap is a good starting point. from amazon its not too expensive compared to custom sticks and the SFIVTE stick, and its definitely much higher quality than a “cheap” stick. if you like it, you can upgrade the buttons/stick/gate fairly cheaply to accommodate your play style/aesthetic tastes. if you dont like it after some time, im sure it will easily resell without much loss in value.

i bought an hrap3. it is the first stick i’ve played on since i was a teenager. i changed to the octo gate (im much more used to the american happ sticks and this is as close as it gets for the sanwa JLF) and swapped out the buttons for sanwas. im completely happy with it and dont see the need for a better stick unless i have extra cash laying around and get curious about the SFIVTE stick.

a hrap3 should be fine … if you like smaller ones get a madcatz fight stick se … or if youre lucky you could get a te