Will Ignition publish future SNKP games?

Well, for all of you who don’t know, metal slug xx will be published by ATLUS USA and no IGNITION, this news made me think than maybe, IGNITION and SNKP break up his relationship afther the commercial failure that was KOF XII, which included some fights over the improvement of a better netcode and some DLC

Also, we haven’t see anything from the new samurai shodown. This lead me to think than Ignition will not release nothing more with playmore

If this is true, good or bad news?

Dunno probably there’s a better chance of getting good products with Atlus, but SNK is still dumb as hell business wise so it probably won’t matter.

Damnit, Idc as long some good ass games get released

It is true, Atlus USA will Pubuilsh Metal Slug XX for the PSP. It will be out on Febuary.

Just found out Rising Star Games are publishing Samurai Shodown Sen in the UK, and not Ignition. So the likelyhood of them falling out has just increased.

No ignition logo on the box art anywhere.

It sucks too because Ignition is really good to the Bemani community and they did what they could with KoF XII. :\

Sucks for them.

Samurai Sen: