Will imported fight sticks work on a PAL Wii?

So im thinking of importing the Tatsunoko VS Capcom “Dream Stick” (I think its called) from Japan. I was wondering whether it works on a PAL (UK) Wii.


I’ve never heard of a controller for a system that was region locked. They only do that with cds/cartridges.

Should have no problem, although for a Wii stick, I’d stick to the Hori.

there have been some actually, it was either the snes or the nes controllers that had some extra circuit wired in one region and wouldnt work in the other, and vice versa.

I asked this question the last time someone made a thread like this =)

in the cartridge yeah, but not in the controllers for the nes/snes since the only chip in a nes controller is a shift register (2 shift registers in a snes controller).