Will Ingrid be in the comic?

…I’m not sure how serious I’m being when I ask this question (since on the one hand, it’s ‘wait, wut? You’re crazy!’, but on the other, she IS technically part of the SF license now as shown by SOTA toys having the rights to make a figure of her if they wanted to)

Maybe they can briefly have her in the background of a couple panels selling fruit to people. :lovin:

Well, fan reaction to hosenfeffer has been lukewarm thus far. She’s a female character in a short skirt with stockings and “schoolgirl” shoes, so of course she’ll be popular (or at least not unwelcome).

Of course, she is affiliated with Capcom Fighting Jam(as many characters that we’ve already used before into one game to avoid having to do anything new), so some people won’t like her being in the comic (or PSP A3 for that matter).

I say, if you could find a way to put her in the book and make it work, then by all means. I think that the cast will be spending a lot of time on Bison, Akuma and Gill and won’t really care about an “Athena-like” schoolgirl character that harnesses the power of the sun through hair attachments.

She’d probably fit better in Darkstalkers or Rival Schools.

Fuckin hope not!

I hope so! I hope she’s with Sakura in Rival Schools! O_O

She’s good fapping material, but I can’t really take her seriously.

I concur and encourage this thinking.

I like Ingrid, it would be nice to see her in the comic, but I dunno. She came along a bit too late to be stuck in the comic IMHO, I imagine that Studio Udon has a layout of how the current chapter, SFZ pre SF2 Tourney will go and sticking in someone like Ingrid at this point because Capcom decided to stick her in SFZ3 for the PSP might upset things, I think. Especially if PSP SFZ3 runs with her still being, sort of a Goddess and all. You can’t just have someone like that show up and say “Hello!” I would imagine… would need at the very least one issue or a mini arc.

But this is really a question for Udoneko, hope he answers it…(And says he’s coming to the NY Comic Con and bringing Kinu Nishimura, course our current NY Transit Strike ain’t helping things… ^_^;)

I don’t consider her as part of the Capcom SF canon so NO.

She’s officially a part of it, now. She’s getting a story (stated by the official Street Fighter website) in the Alpha 3 PSP, and as I’ve stated above, Jerry of SOTA toys specifically said that the Street Fighter license for the figures DOES include Ingrid.

I still think it’d be hilarious to just have her randomly cameo-ing in the background selling fruit to people, but I guess that is a rather vague joke since no one seemed to notice me making it. :sweat:

I say she is a part of the Rival Schools universe much like Sakura/Karin…I mean hell she dresses like them. She should be a RS person. HEHEHEHEHE…seriously…if anything they put her in there and her story is that she’s a part of the RS universe.

They already have a 3D Sprite of her, they could make Rival Schools 3, throw her in there along with a few new characters and there we go. Rival Schools 3…who am I kiddin’ haha

Braaavo! <Slow Claps>… :shake: …<Coughs>

As do I. I think it’d be a bit forced if she does appear in some non-cameo role.

just say its ___ long lost sister and poof you got yourself a new sf character

a character is only as good as its writer.

maybe Udon can actually make people like her?

Yeah…a part of RS…maybe she’s the one behind bringing everyone to the schools 'cause if I remember the story, it’s that kids started disappearing

Naw I don’t want her in

I think she should have a diguise as a Tamagawa H.S. student - Sakura and Karin’s team-mate for Rival Schools comic.

With so little known about her, I don’t mind Udon making stuff up about her like that until Capcom decide to do something with her. maybe udon are waiting to see what she does in the PSP alpha 3 game?

No. Ingrid is in Alpha, and Alpha is over as far as the comic’s concerned.

Uumm…maybe the alpha arc is over but as far as ANY of the characters from alpha NOT being in the next few arcs would be a huge dissappointment.I want to see more of Rainbow Mika,Karin and Dan,all three had minor parts so far and it would be sad to see a great comic like Udon’s street fighter forget about three very important fighters when characters like Guile’s wife and delta red(who are very important to their playable character’s story but should NOT be featured more than ANY playable characters)get far more time . and I know Gen will still be in it,which is great.We know he fights Ryu,and hopefully we get a nice sized backup in an issue with Gen and Akuma having their deathmatch,which happens in the official canon. Ingrid can fit if they want her to,but not before we get more Karin,Dan,etc.

I’m all for Ingrid having a part. She could follow Rose’s footsteps or something. I like her. And no, I do not thing she fits in Rival Schools at all.