Will intel Core 2 Due work with SF4 PC?

my dell is a xps m1530 and on the box it says Needs intel pentium 4 processor? i mean installed it and it goes all well even through the char select screen then it just slow-mos while in game play! can that be the problem that i dont have a intell pentium 4 processor or can it be something eles that i need to adjust?

How much RAM and what graphics card do you have?

Don’t be ridiculous, no software requires a specific CPU.

If it slows down during play then lower some graphics settings, disabling AA should do the trick though.

Assuming it’s more or less a stock XPS m1530 it looks like you have a 128MB GeForce 8400M GS in there which is likely to be an underpowered job for SFIV.

So, grab the benchmark, set the benchmark resolution to 1440x900 (if you can – that’s your screen’s native resolution) and turn full screen on. Leave parallel rendering on but set all quality settings to a minimum.

Then, incrementally increase quality settings as long as you still score an A on the benchmark.

I would suggest playing with each setting individually so that you can set up a list of “must-haves” and a preference order for each setting – for example, I prefer high quality particle effects over an increase in anti-aliasing, and I “must have” backgrounds on.

So you are asking if a slower processor is needed to make your game run faster. Right.

hhaha sorry folks i didnt know what the diff between the two it seems to work fine now but thats after i lowerd everthing! no background and the characters are like light bright!

Core 2 Duos are much better than Pentium 4’s.

Let me put it to you like this. Intel brought out Pentium 4’s, then Pentium D’s which were like 2 Pentium 4’s put together, then Core Duos which were a better dual processor than Pentium D’s, then Core 2 Duos which are currently their best dual processors. So, yeah, you have nothing to worry about processor-wise.

Your problem is that you probably don’t have a dedicated video card and are just running off of Intel Integrated Graphics. To run this game well, you’d need a decent video card. You can get one that’ll run this game fantastically for around $100. But then you’d need a power supply that can handle the power a video card draws (about 80 or 90 bucks for a good 500W PSU).

This is all assuming you’re using a desktop. Because if you have a laptop you’re shit outta luck.

Edit: Nevermind, a Dell xps m1530 is fine. I see your problem is solved.


kinda i wish i can see the background while playing the game xbox or ps3 like speed but i guess for pc its ummm ok

I have a dell XPS m1530 too, with an 8600 GT in the graphics department

If you want to play in 1440*900, then yeah you gotta set everything at the lowest possible setting.

You can put the backgrounds back on high with medium quality models, if you play in 1280*720, but then you gotta play in windowed mode, and it’s all very small.