Will Jill and Shuma-Gorath be tournament valid?


So the debate has gone on forever in previous games, but I figure now is a good time to ask because of how mainstream the game is: will Jill and Shuma be banned from tournaments? Will there be specific brackets where these 2 DLC are included in the roster? Ive never been to a tournament in my life so I’m not really sure how these things go, but I want to get into it so I’m debating if its worth learning them at all or not.


not sure yet. They aren’t available for dlc for a fortnight…we’ll have to wait & see.


That’s up to the tournament organizers…I don’t see a reason for them to be banned from tourney play.


Unless they’re completely and utterly broken I don’t see why they would ever be banned.


The reason I feel they would be banned is because it makes the game unbalanced for those who could afford/decided to buy the DLC over those who opted out or couldn’t afford it. Its not really a matter of how broken the character is, rather it has more to do with “Is it fair that some got to use them and others didn’t?” I remember there being a discussion a while back about DLC characters giving an unfair advantage because those who haven’t used them have no idea how to face them and you cant blame them either because the content is “not on the disc” (put in quotes because they are on the disc just unfinished and need to be hacked to be used). I feel this will be an important topic later on because Capcom is showing that they are going to keep giving us great brand new characters and keep hinting at it by giving us topics to vote on and such.


You must have been misinformed. To my knowledge games with DLC characters so far give those that did not purchase the character the option to still play against them.

That is pretty much the end of this discussion. They will not be banned. You don’t wanna buy them you can still play against them. Happy? Cool.


That’s on the player on if they don’t want to/can’t buy the character, hell you can even go down to the point to saying that someone who owns the game has an unfair advantage over someone who doesn’t since both are able to sign up for a tournament. If you don’t feel confident enough to enter with your characters vs a character you’ve never played against then don’t enter the tournament. On the flip side, wouldn’t it be unfair to the Jill/Shuma players to ban their characters? Besides it’s not like you can’t play against the characters (unless Capcom does some ass backwards shit and makes that so…), so far you’re able to play against DLC characters just not as them.


Easy there kid. Not trying to start shit here. Im genuinely curious. I personally got the special edition so I have no worries, but my friend was a little concerned because he got the standard.

Well you can’t blame someone if they can’t afford $10 to put towards a game and that’s not really “on” them, they’re poor thats how the economy is. Opting out though I can agree with you that is on them. It remains to be seen if Capcom does some backwards shit (they have been known to do that sometimes) so we shall see.

Although thinking about it with Jill and Shuma obviously they are partially on the disc so unlocking them to be opponents only if you don’t buy them is easy. But what about future DLC? Characters that are not on disc at all? I guess they could force an update patch?


Kid… Why do you even keep replying?

First off, if you (or whoever) can’t afford $10 towards a game you just paid $60 for maybe you shouldn’t even be playing games in the first place. Look for a job instead. That’s number one.

READ THIS CAREFULLY If the first DLC gives you the option to play against those characters even though you did not purchase them then WHY would they not do it for future DLC. Use your brain for something other then a q-tip holder for a moment and think.

I know you’ll reply again anyway, asking the same question that was just answered four times over. Now you say… “But what if…” blah blah blah blah blah.


Tournaments are even “bring your own controller” though, which cost more than $10. What if someone’s used to playing in an arcade and want to go to a tournament that’s ran on console (I know MVC3 isn’t arcade, but let’s just say for a different game), it’s still up to the player to bring their own controller (stick/pad) even though that person may not own one. DLC characters should fall right into the same category, no one said it’s cheap to be competitive :wgrin:


Take some zanex dude. This is one a forum for people who either arent used to fighting games or games in general. With that if you treat them like crap your just gunna push them away from even wanting to play cuz they are going to associate you with the scene and thats not a good thing. But yes your question has been answered original poster. BlazBlue did the same thing where dlc was optional but you could still fight against the dlc characters online so you could learn the match ups.

  1. They would force an update patch for future characters obviously, same as Blazblue.

  2. Why would Capcom ever make it so you can’t play AGAINST said characters without paying? That makes literally ZERO sense my good man… Not to mention if somebody who paid $60 for the game and who WANTS TO PLAY COMPETITIVELY AT TOURNAMENTS can’t put another $10+ towards DLC characters then they probably shouldn’t be playing the game competitively. I mean if they can’t afford that, how will they afford entry fees?

And if they simply choose not to, that’s their own problem. If they want to play competitively then they need to make the investment, it’s not the tournament’s problem if you didn’t want to spend a little money.


Highly doubt that they will be banned from tournament.

The only thing that might make sense is if theres DLC characters released a day or two before a major, giving nobody enough time to learn the matchups.

But even then…


I don’t understand why people come in here if noobs like myself piss them off. Honestly take your trolling somewhere else and gtfo. I know nothing of the tournament scene so I felt I should ask. I get it jesus christ.


If they can’t afford the DLC, they can’t afford the tournament, or the gas it takes to get there.


People gave you an answer, and you retorted with a what if scenario that was also answered

Not sure the answer you’re looking for, saying you don’t know anything about tournaments and In the same breath arguing with people who do is why you got hostility


If you can’t afford dlc you probably cant afford tp enter touraments. Problem solved.

In other news, what is with poor people buying video games?


^that actually made me lol. :stuck_out_tongue: