Will joypad users be allowed to make 1 button become P+K?

And stuff like this as I would like to know since its harder for us, I assume mr Wizard knows this answer

I have no answer to this question

but TO be really really honest, its not gonna matter. Also, know one gives a shit if its harder for you, you play on what you want. Usually people don’t care, but to honest I don’t put up with that crap in money matches, and i’ll cause a riot in tourney. I don’t get to make my L1 and L2 buttons on my HRAP into something else, why should pad players get extra shit?

Game Rules

So I guess anything you can find through the game itself rather than macros set through hardware is fine.

so you can as oppossed to your pad for example making like Geese’s multi hit super through just pressing one button?

no, it is only “in game” meaning added to your controler via control configuration

EX: p+p in mvc2 instead of assist 2

Yeah…Evo is a console tourney now so it’s tough to argue. Well…more like impossible to argue since it is allowed under the rules. Evo East was a good example of what can happen when people try to take advantage of console fighting gaming. I always make sure options are set to default now before playing. You should always check to make sure the PS2 you are playing on is not modded or has memory cards inserted in it. That could mean the options, button config or extra options may have been tampered with and you could lose a whole match before realizing what happened.

You can make your l1 and l2 buttons into something else…