Will lack of japanese 3sers make 3s more interesting at worlds?


I think it will be more interesting because it’d be more a tournement to find the best player in the USA for once instead of just whatever best japanese player comes over.

Nuki still has a solid chance to win though, as does tokido… fucking chun li :frowning:

They’ll still beast. Cept yeah…gives us a bit more of a chance to do our own ass kicking and we dont need 8 Japanese Yuns at Evo any ways. If Thanatos and KSK come that will cover all the mid tier Japanese fandom for one Evo.

add 2 more polls.

Who thinks this thread is stupid

Who thinks saying 3sers is stupid

Voted no. More international players, the better. Regardless of how good they are.

As long as there aren’t a shit ton of Yuns in finals it should be a lot more interesting than last year.

when does marvel start

When does cvs2 start?

When does Threes start? When does CVS2 end?

There’s an end to CvS2? Just kidding. There definitely needs to be a strong international flavor at Evo, but it’s okay if the top 8 ends up being a good mix of US/non-US players.

I think it’ll be great seeing who can with stands nuki’s onslaught with chun…his chun is so goddamn brutal

win or lose i hope i get to play him. i’ll taunt if i get one hit in

I guess i’m the only one that would rather they come and get beasted by US players

i hope the Us players kick their asses too…its gonna be interesting

Based on your question, I voted no because there aren’t many American players that I like. But in another way I think the Japanese players that are coming aren’t going to garner the kind of interest that could be possible of other Japanese players came. I mean, out of the Americans it’s most likely Amir or Justin that will do the best, and of the Japanese it’s Nuki and Tokido… so inevitably it’s going to be a boatload of Chun near the end of the tournament.

I hope Victoly does really well.

Why wasn’t he in EVO West :/?

I can see Nuki taking the whole tournament (in fact, I did see this two years ago), but I would like to see KSK make it into the finals, with the absence of Yun.

pyro is capable of beating nuki iirc

im hoping amir does well though

I know he is, but Nuki has a stronger record right now.

i’ve heard reports of tokido absolutely raping recently in japan… don’t count him out as textbook patient chun

One thing is for sure. Hundreds of people will be chanting “KSK! KSK!!” in the finals.

Even if he doesn’t come.