Will LS-56 fit Sanwa JLF?

Hello, I have read a nice comparison here http://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/attributes_brands.html#TENSION and have not seen the LS56 (just springs to 55) spring being compatible with my JLF. Does anybody tried that? I have ordered LS32 and on otherside LS56 to test with my Sanwa for a bit sturdier feel.
Thanks for any response.


LS-56 spring is in lower right corner. JLF spring is on lower left. So no.

You should be able to find a tension you like between JLF-SP, LS-33, LS-32, and LS-55 springs. You can intertwine the springs to get tension different from any single spring (i.e. two LS-33s, JLF-SP + LS-33, etc).

I got near happ level tension with a LS-32 + a LS-55 spring in a JLF

Thanks to all. I have canceled the order, resp. changed it to LS32 and LS55. Who knows… maybe with a actuator mod, I will use even lower tension spring than JLF has.
Thanks for the help. =)