Will Madcatz fightpad work on PC?

Will an Xbox 360 or PS3 Madcatz Fightpad, work on the PC?

Has anyone tested it and can they please confirm what operating system they were using?

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

sf4 is going to be released on pc with a bundle option including madcatz fight pad. this is the same fight pad used for xbox. not too sure about the ps3 pad but it should work on pc aswell.

Ah right, yeah I knew the PC version will be released with a bundle option, I just didn’t know it will be the same fightpad as the 360 one.

Also, the PS3 fightpad is wireless but the 360 one isnt. So yeah I suppose more chance of the 360 fightpad working on PC, but has anyone tested this and can they confirm it works?

If the PC bundle is coming with a 360 fightpad (which I discovered recently), then yes, that means a 360 fightpad will definitely work. Kind of makes sense that way. :wink:

PS3 fightpads usually work, too, but some people have trouble on certain chipsets or with drivers. Plus, I wouldn’t trust wireless in a fighting game where latency can make a difference and where one additional part can go faulty.

Windows Vista x32; Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightPad (Xbox 360).

SFIV PC Bundle comes with Xbox 360 Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightPad.

Just what I wanted to hear, thats excellent. Thanks for the replies. :tup:


For the life of me I cannot get my Madcatz SF4 X360 fightpad working in Vista.
It will not detect it.

Now I have a wired x360 controller, with drivers installed, and that works everytime I plug it in.

Hell even my Saturn USB works, even thou the buttons are all fubar’d…

Someone on gamefaqs.com said it has to do with Nvidia chipset on certain motherboards…

But I trust SRK alot more…

Has anyone gotten this gamepad to work?

I’m running an Intel Duel Core 2 6700, 6gigs of Ram, ATI 4890 video card with Vista 32 bit OS, SNDBLSTR X-FI Fatal1ty Titanium

Any advice?


Yes I made a thread about it a couple days ago, I used XBCD drivers to get it to work, although in your case I don’t know if this will help since they are for XP. The MS drivers I downloaded didn’t recognize it properly, it was only after getting the XBCD drivers did it work. I wish someone would post the drivers that come with the Madcatz PC bundle…

Actually I looked at Madcatz website for the hell of it, and they have a download section with drivers for there joysticks/fightpads.


Installed the 1st option the (PC Driver for Xbox Controllers), this is NOT the Microsoft X360 driver, this is only a Madcatz driver.

And now it works perfectly…

Hope this helps


I can confirm that the ps3 fightpad will work on the pc. I played 2DF and it worked very well. I am using Windows Vista 32-bit.