Will Martin Memorial Thread

This just came me to me the other night.
Just positive thought’s in the man’s memory please.
Ya’ll know what’s up so contribute if you feel it.

[03:11] <skisonic> ok wait wait
[03:11] <skisonic> so changs command grab
[03:11] <skisonic> what does it look like?
[03:11] <fusonCFE> he slams u
[03:11] <fusonCFE> like jax
[03:11] <HellSap> like a standing light punch
[03:11] <fusonCFE> kinda
[03:11] <HellSap> lol
[03:11] <fusonCFE> from mk2
[03:11] <skisonic> goddamnit
[03:11] <skisonic> my friend used to play p chang and do that thing on me all the time
[03:11] <HellSap> the whiff is funny, lol… but yeah, its the chain slam
[03:11] <Viscant> he picks you up and slams you back and forth with 1 hand 8 times while choi laughs at you
[03:11] <skisonic> and i was like “is that a command grab?”
[03:12] <skisonic> and he’s like oh nah thats kick grab
[03:12] <HellSap> lol
[03:12] <skisonic> and im oka
[03:12] <skisonic> so i tried to tech it
[03:12] <skisonic> like 984239840398 times
[03:12] <Viscant> kick grab is fun
[03:12] <HellSap> lol
[03:12] <skisonic> ive been trying to tech it
[03:12] <Viscant> kick grab is when he throws you into choi’s claw
[03:12] <skisonic> the whole time i play cvs2
[03:12] <skisonic> goddamnit
[03:12] <skisonic> that was will martin
[03:12] <skisonic> haha
[03:12] <skisonic> good ole fucking will

[20:53] <Kikin> sucksonic: i just remembered somehting will martin said on our trip to MWC
[20:53] <Kikin> we were talking about stuff that was funny and he goes "u know whats funny? the noise your grandma makes when she falls down the stairs
[20:54] <sucksonic> lol wtf

when did will pass away??

I am really going to miss Will. He was a cool cat, and an excellent Street Fighter player. My condolences to the rest of his family.

Damn what happened to him?

I thought this thread was a joke (like he retired from SF or something) until I asked around. I met Will at ECC9 and played a little ST and CvS2. Great guy to yap with. Talked smack about Gief beasting on Ryu. I’m sorry to hear he’s passed away.

yeah the last place i saw him was at ECC also, that’s why i thought it was a joke at first too. I even have him on my friends list for xbl :sad:

Wow, that sucks, I saw him at GTR2, like 3 weeks ago. He was talking with Justin about VS for a while, hard to believe that everything can change in the blink of an eye.

I didn’t know him that well, but we talked a bit and said wassup, and made fun of CvS2. Will was cool to talk to, and will be missed I know.

Rest In Peace Will :sad:

Things like this really hit the community hard, when one of our own falls we all feel it. May he rest in peace.

i wish i could have got the chance to meet him, he sounded like a really nice guy to talk to. May He Rest in Peace

I admire that quote top knot…that’ll be going into my signature.

My condolences as well to Will…I never really knew him, met him or even heard of him

But like Topknot states…when one of our own falls, we all care.

I dunno what to say…i always liked to hang out with Will at Gametime me and Matt (foomyjin) we joked around ALL the time there he was truely a great player and a cool guy…this is something that has taken me by surprise but then again i didn’t know anything about his hardships in recent events since the last time i talked with him was well over a year ago when i went to gametime…he will be missed and it’s a shame i will never get to hang out with him again

dunno what else to say…

My condolences to his friends and family.


I don’t think I ever got the chance to meet him but, I’m feeling sad about his death. I hope his friends and family are doing ok. It’s always hard to lose someone you love.


Shit. I never met the man or anything, but best wishes to his friends and family for this loss. May he rest in peace. :sad:

Many of you guys dont know much of my history here on SRK…
Most of it was haters etc… I made my first trip to gametime and met Will then…
He had always been cool with me thru all the bullshit that infested our area and on these boards…

Will and I had the chance to talk on the phone a couple of times about some of the stuff going on in the surrounding area and it always came down to “just play your game”…
I never was one of the super players but I had a good time… and as long as youre doing that… youre good…

I will always remember Will as one of those guys that was either cool with you… or not…
Fortunate for me… he was cool with me… and we always talked in or outta state @ tournaments…

I will keep Will in my memories for not only being one of the best players I knew…but for being one of the realest people I knew…
and in this day and age… thats a rarity…

rest in peace


the first time i talked to will was at ecc…something i forgot which one… the one where ricky played justin for the first time…and this was also back when tips and tricks rankings were out… and me and will argued before the tourny who would win cuz he said justin would win for free and all… and i hadnt seen justin play… and only ec had…and he was all asking me if i thought wilson would make justin #1 in t&t if he beat ricky and i was all nah… and then after the tourny will was all like i told you so! dam…its wierd cuz ever since then at all ec tournys we were always cool with eachother… sucks that this would happen… RIP

I have absolutley no idea who the guy was, but anyway, RIP. These things are too depressing…

Wow, that was unexpected…Didn’t expect to hear this about one of the few players I knew back from the old Towson days.

Some memories:

-He was the first one to really beat the crap out of me in MvC 2…I think about 15-20 wins with Spiderman/Akuma/Juggs before I finally got pissed off and left the arcade (the game had just come out and we the only ones there on a Sunday…this was the first time I met/fought him too). I never did forget that.

-Always a great shit-talker…Confident, yet fun to be around.

-I remember him winning a match with Bone-Claw Wolverine before anyone knew about the low-hit assist…This was in a tournament match and it got him a fast win against a really good player (trip Sentinel and Blackheart-Rocket Punch-Drones-Dead). The whole arcade went crazy when that happened.

-Got to hang out at his apartment a few times and play some games with some of MD guys. I almost did a double-take when I saw he had a real Neo Geo home system in his entertainment center…

RIP man…It was nice knowing you.

I will never forget you.
I will tell your child your story when he is grown up.