Will mvc2 play on the CVS2 arcade hardware?

Yep… Gotta Know


Just swap the GDROM cart for MvC2

Also, be sure to switch out the IC chip in the DIMM board. There might also be an incompatibility depending on what region bios your have in your board and what region the game is, so if you get an error message because of that, you might need to hunt down a new bios.

Naiomi looks like a mess to deal with…

Nah the games are just like huge game carts and the cds are like…well cds. The worst thing about Naomi systems are the random prices on the parts themselves. For example the Naomi motherboard can be had for about $60 but the jamma converter can end up costing you $150 or more.:confused:

Although its still not as bad as shelling out $600 for 3rd strike only to have it randomly die on you because you looked at it wrong.

What this man says is truth. I went through the same thing. :rofl: