Will MvC3 die after Evo?

No, this is not a “I hate MvC3” thread.

Considering that UMvC3 will be released within the year, will the push for this game in the competitive scene drop in between August and November? It happened to Super4 when AE was in arcades only.

Will mvc3 die after EVO, the answer is YES!! Just like SF4 when SSF4 came out, SF4 was left in the dust!! It’s a good thing I sold my MVC3 copy early!!

People are going to play to keep consistent with fundamentals and execution. Same with Vanilla to Super.

Yeah, I never understood why you would stop playing. I know when SSF4 and AE was announced, I started playing the previous version a little more frequently.

I don’t think MvC3 will die after Evo, as a matter of fact, if Online improves greatly it will last 2 more years, if they make another MvC3 character DLC pack like +6-8 characters in the future.

I’m just asking about August to November.

I think the reason that happened was because the new version of the game was available to the general public, even though not many places had it, and people were playing the new version. It’s ridiculous to think the game is going to ‘die’ in four months, but I think you can expect the hype and player base to go down a little bit, until it all explodes again in November.

Will there still be tournaments? Yes.
Will it be played at them? Yes.
Will the hype die down a bit? Yes.
Will it be dead? No.

August to November, is 3 freakin months. I’m seriously questioning people philosophies asking this question. Is UMvC3 gonna be different, have tweeks, adjustments, character changes and will ultimately (no pun intended) be an overall better game? I’m almost 99.999% sure on that it will. But that does not mean every person is going to drop the game and unplug it’s life support and every venue and stream is not gonna hold tournaments with it.

I will still be playing it, not 24/7 but it is a fun game to play and watch even though it can be one of the most frustrating and broken games atm. TBH this fall alot of games are coming out, me personally am lookin forward to dark souls and skyrim which those 2 will probably takes hours upon days of my life and is a good time filler for the gap period of the release of UMvC3. Regardless, 3 months give or take is a VERY short time frame barely enough for a game to die. It’s not the same time frame for say Super and AE and that didn’t die totally. (Though I’m sure some will argue that one)

Short answer no it won’t die. But the normal hype might go down just a bit.

It won’t die until Ultimate comes out, and even then it’ll hold out for a while.

Weekly tournaments and stuff always dip a bit after EVO just because people have been playing/practicing/watching nonstop for the previous month and they just need a break.

I think people will stop working on their ‘tournament team technology’ and will start playing around with less competitive and fun characters, though. They’re the most likely to see buffs in UMVC3 anyway.

And it’s still a fun game to play around with.

Hype may die down a bit till November but I’m sure the new gameplay trailers will keep people playing, even if it’s just a bit.

Still a bunch a majors after Evo and before November. As long as there is paper to be made, people will be playing this game.

I don’t see why we don’t count the update as a part of the game itself. It just seems so silly to me.
Will BlazBlue CS 2 kill Blazblue cs???

MvC3 will die after EVO? wut?

don’t ask questions you dont understand, OP

Why would people just stop playing?

I don’t think there’s enough information about UMvC3 to get most people to just wait for a better MvC3. Besides, it’s not like vanilla is terrible for everyone. Sure people have their complaints but most of them fools are still enjoying it. They might not appreciate it on higher levels like other fighting games, but all in all, it’s still Marvel - crazy & insane fun.

As more information comes in about UMvC3, I wouldn’t be surprised if people played Vanilla more before UMvC3 for the fact that if they start introducing new attacks/styles and maybe detailed data, players might find themselves attracted to more of the current cast. If so, instead of waiting and getting used to a character after Ultimate is released, you might have a lot of time to familiarize yourself with a character you’re unfamiliar with in the current game. I’m sure a lot of people wanted to do this when it came to chocolate->strawberry SF4.

MvC3 ain’t going anywhere. I’d rather ask if AE is going to die, but I already know the answer to that.

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People makin’ threads off any little thing that pops into their head.

“What!? New game coming out in a third of a year!? Why would I keep playing THIS version then?” /sarcasm

That’s like saying “Well, I can buy this car, but a new, better version will come out next year, so why buy a car at all?”

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