Will MvC3 have any combo-breakers like MegaCrush?


Seeing these 100% combo videos like Thor and Iron Man, I’m starting to wonder if there’s a one-time-a-game move that’ll shatter combos so that you don’t eat the 100% damage combo. I was just wondering if MvC3 has anything that shatters combos if need be?

Thanks! Hope this hasn’t been brought up already.


Should’ve asked in General Discussion Thread or FAQ thread


If you’re being hit then there’s probably no recourse for you, but you can X-factor cancel out of block stun and retaliate in some cases. See this video: [media=youtube]8GIsy1tysQ4[/media]

There was also an awesome video somewhere of Zero KFC out of block stun into Level 3 to stop a Storm Ice hyper.


People are just mad that good stuff is being given to more than 4/38 characters.

This is MAHVEL 3, BAYBEH!!


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