Will my DSL speed affect my online SF4 gameplay?


I currently have the AT&T DSL Elite plan which has a downstream speed of 6 Mbps and upstream speed of 768 Kbps.

i may need to downgrade my speed in the future to the express plan which has a ** downstream speed of 1.5 Mbps and upstream speed of 384 Kbps.**

I am just wondering if my SF4 online connectivity will suffer from this?


Should be more than adequate to support SF4.


I have like 16mbps connection from comcast and it still stucks.

Don’t expect too much but, also don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t play very well. The netcode for SF4 is just terrible.

Do your best to connect only to people who are 4 bars or higher.


That bad huh? My internet scores are lower than the “Express” plan he may have to downgrade to and SF4 plays decently on XBL. There are of course the laggy 4-5 bars but that’s probably an issue with somebody streaming porn/youtube or geopraphical location 90% of the time. Most 3 bars for me are playable. Anywho… The online portion of SSF4 is supposed to list ALOT more 4-5 bar connections, so maybe things will be better for people who think they’re sensitive to 1 frame of lag or really emphasize higher graded connections.


The throughput isn’t the issue with gaming, it’s latency. If both of the data plans you mentioned are using the same DSL service provider, then there will be zero impact on how it performs for gaming. No better, no worse.


All I know is when Im playing people on my same side of the state we still only have a 4 bar connecton.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with 5 bars while playing.