Will not be attending EVO this year


For those that know me how has it been (been out of touch, that’s my bust) and for those that don’t I wish you all well.

I received word yesterday afternoon that my wife’s father passed away while doing some yardwork over the weekend. It has been a very rollercoaster-esque emotional ride over the past 24 hours with a big flooding of support from both friends and family.

I will be out of town this week and returning on saturday. We will be bringing him back home to Michigan, where he had asked to be buried in the event that something happened.

If you can spare some prayers, please pray for my family, especially my wife. Over the past 18 months she has lost the three relatives that she was most close with in her Grandmother, Mother and now her Father. I have to be as much as a rock that I can but I was very close with him. A great man and a loving father was taken from us too soon.

If you have things you need to say to your folks, I ask you to address them sooner than later. I am happy knowing that there was absolutely no question of how much my wife meant to him and how he felt about her. We will miss him dearly.

I wish all my friends good luck at this years event, and wish that I could be there with you all. This will be the first year since B3 that I have not attended the yearly tournament (B4 to last year is my current streak). It pains me to think that I can’t toss you guys out of the playing area, but I’m sure that will be covered. To all my old skool ST brothers, west coast marvel buddies, the entire East Coast Community, and the rest of SRK staff, I’ll miss you guys.

Thanks for listening to those who click the thread, and keep us in your hearts and prayers if you could. The next few months will be very tough for my family and appreciate all the support that we can.

pm me your current address and ill help out as much as i can. good luck with the rest of your issues, but let those that have hurt you go bye. hope your wife is as strong as you, and take care.


yes chris, my prayers are with you and your wife man. your wife seemed very chill when i met her so i hope the both of you can stay strong and get through this.

Chris, my prayers are with you, I hope you make it through this tough time. When I see someone kicking ass with Honda at EVO I’ll be sure to yells out “Chris FUCKING Li, Bitch!”

My first EVO won’t be the same without you, Chris, but my condolences to you and your wife. It seems so much harder to lose parents when you fully know them as people too.

Evo won’t be the same without Big Chris Li regulating fools.

I’ll do a Hundred Hand Slap for you.


sorry to hear that

No doubt chris our prayers are here for you and the mrs.

Wish you was in vegas with us

My most heart felt condolences go to you Chris, your wife and your family.

Keep your head up and stay charged. HONDA BEST MAN!

My condolences.

How are we gonna regulate when people are out of control? i guess ill hire the riot squad.

Sorry to hear on your loss.

My Condolences.

my prayers are definitely with you for you and your family. my gf lost her dad early this year and, well, she probably will never be the same. stay strong - hopefully the new NHL season can be a part of the small distractions that help at times like these.

cya nov6 or feb 3? nov 6 is better.

my condolences.

yeh wont be the same =(

stay up


Guys, thank you very much for the support. It’s been a very difficult week or so, and we aren’t even at the point where the healing can start due to the number of loose ends that need to be taken care of. Thank you again, all of you, for thinking of me and my family in this tough time.

Damn son. Take care of yourself, yo.

You have my condonlences, stay strong.

shit man its always great see one of our guys on staff tossing fools. you will be missed, best to your family.

Chris I can’t seem to remember who you are cause I’m horrible with names. I’m sure I’ve met you before man. I’m sad to hear about this news in your family. Stay strong and be that rock dude! You never know what life will bring to you.

Our condolences to you and your whole family.

Sorry to hear that. My condoleances to you & your family.