Will pad and stick be equal this time around?

SFV has no plinking, no 1-frame link BnBs, no piano/slide motion characters, no high-jump cancels that I know of. Techniques in which a stick was ideal for.

And now, sticks seem to cost more than last-gen. Do you think pad/stick will be equally competitive in SFV?


just play hitbox

That is preference. Stick takes more motion/time. @moonchilde nigganplease you can do everything on pad and mashing 360’s and fadc is easier on pad period no if and :slight_smile: and plinking is as simple as literally rubbing your thumb on the controller.

Having played for a long time in now dead arcades and having played for a long time on pad at home too, here are my thoughts on this:

Pad is better at motions, joystick is better at buttons.

I can crank out qcf,qcf much faster on pad than I (or anyone else) can on stick. It’s just faster with a thumb and the shorter motion. I can walk towards you and without you seeing me churning the motion (you’ll see a single instant crouch while I’m walking if even) do a super on pad, I can’t do that on stick. From what I’ve seen in the many many top 8 majors I’ve watched online, neither can anyone else on stick.

On the flip side, stick is better for buttons. On pad you’re usually using your right thumb for the buttons. On stick you’re probably using your index, middle, and ring finger so you have multiple fingers that can manipulate the controls. Not just good for plinking but for holding buttons etc.

I feel like they’ve mostly always been or close to being equally competitive. Yes there was the limitation of double-tapping and plinking but at the end of the day execution is execution, people are just more used to stick and they will probably still be more popular.

I remember Valle saying he believes the bridge between Stick and Pad players will be a lot closer this time around for pretty much the same reasons you’ve mentioned. With that, I can see players of both controllers being more on-par now than before.

I think it’s just personal preferences, I use both and sometimes I feel like playing pad and other times I’m more into playing with my stick. Execution wise stick is more accurate but pad is more convenient to use. When I’m home I will use pad for a more relaxed feel and at tournaments I play stick most of the time, because it’s more accurate. However, When playing stick your motions are more visible and take longer to execute. For SFV I’m going to try both stick and the new Mad Catz Fightpad.

Can’t hear a pad but you can hear a stick in side by side… That’s why I believe in head to head matchups from now on.

We will all be leveling up and playing online where all you have to gather info is from the screen. Giving people the opportunity to see and hear your buttons and body movements is to much when we will be learning online.

Speaking of, the hori fighting commander pro gamepad is 30 bucks on Amazon right now

That’s half of what the new madcatz pad is showing preorder price for. Who knows what Amazon will charge.

After looking at the controllers more closely it looks like the new mad catz has a better dpad imo and also has the touch pad and analog stick. I just tweeted the madcatz community manager about a release date though.

Stick/Hitbox will always be better over pad in the long run for executions, just pad will be easier to use since you won’t have to be super precise with timing or pianos just to do a bnb. In the long run it still will be ideal as like anime games, there’s a lot of leniency in timing and ways to do stuff without execution. It’s just by the nature of fighting games there will inevitably end up being harder to do optimal combos and neutral tools. Chun Li and Dhalsim are already 2 characters that seem ideal with a stick over pad. Especially Sim where you will have have to be tiger kneeing things and going up in the air with V Skill most of the match to optimize him.

The fight pads now are designed for some piano inputs though. And if you are a 360 heavy character I think pad will always be better than stick in that regard.

I think it all comes down to preference in the end, I may grab that new madcatz because the dpad has me intrigued, I didn’t like the SFxT one they released last gen because it felt flimsy, this one seems better.

Yeah, I think there will be a lot more pad players. I think price will be the biggest barrier since it will cost you around $550-$600 for a console, stick and game. That’s not including PSN+.
I’m not sure if you need PSN+ to play online since you didn’t need it for the beta.

I recently got a PS4 and it was looking like I was going to have to start SFV on pad, but I found a 360 to PS4 converter for my 360 TE.

I used it during the beta and it worked just fine, but I dont know if they are tourney legal yet.

I guess this wouldn’t be that big of a problem on PC, but I think Valle is the only one running FG tournaments on PC.

They will release on the same day as the game February 16th. I have ordered the Bison and Chun versions(and the TES+), and yes the D-pads look way better than other product lines they had. I have 2 SFXT pads and they are okayish. I believe Markman Has some short video on his twitter where he does moves with the new pad, looks solid.

MadCatz pads for SF4 and SFxT are reportedly utter crap, break way too easliy


This is the link to markman doing some basix moves with the pad.

I think it’s all 100% personal preference.

I know I simply cannot use pads anymore. I just feel handicapped. I remember playing KI at the MS trucks that they drove around prior to launch, and I just felt like a retard playing. I just could not do it.

Then the first “beta” (where it was so fucked up they made the “real” beta 1 after it) I didn’t have my TE2 modified so I had to use the PS4 pad for SF5 and I just could not do it. I don’t even feel like I could judge whether I liked the game or not because of how uncomfortable I felt with the pad.

I will try to go keyboard all the way.

I have a ps4 and a steelseries 6gv2 mechanical keyboard which works perfectly in ps4 menus. I think its like a hitbox in that sense (idk if the cherrys are better/worse than arcade buttons). Will there be keyboard support for sfv in ps4? I guess there will be because if tournaments are played on ps4 as it is supposed to be, pc players will be really excluded…

They were pretty bad, I had one and actually when back to dual shock 3 lol. It was that flimsy. The new ones look really solid. The SFxT sucked but I am even comparing it to the Hori commander, it looks better than that.

By any chance does your order say it will ship on the 16th or be ship earlier to be at your house on that day? Not a big deal because I have a stick but I do want to try it out. I have never pre ordered directly from madcatz before so I have no idea how that works. Amazon surprisingly doesn’t have a pre order option, unless they have a limited supply and sold through their shipment already. I can’t decide between the shadowloo black or that murdered out red one.

Another thing you have to account for pads is their durability when it comes to fighting games, some can last a long time and some die after a few months after heavy use then you gotta buy a new one. Sticks you can usually replace the parts and they can usually take a long beating till they crap out.