Will pay if you mod my dreamcast agetec stick

i have that agetec stick for the dreamcast that i want modded with sanwa parts. i have the parts that come in the TE stick for the ps3/xbox360 that i want them modded with. that’s the jlf stick with osbf30 buttons.

i live in midtown nyc and if someone can come by and do this mod for me, i’d be willing to pay them a fee. how’s $20 bucks? if not, we can arrange a different price.

any takers? if so, please PM.

its not too hard to mod urself and you are most likely not going to get any takers for just 20 bucks

Check the Trading Outlet for this. Bomberman does this for a fee. Contact him.

sorry about the wrong forum.

and thanks imitrex.

blklightning, oh i didn’t know what was the going rate for this. what would be more appropriate?

I think you should follow his advice and mod it yourself. It’s not very hard.

Remove the omron stock stick, take some plyers and rip off the mounting plastic things until you’re only left with the flat bottom. take a drill and drill 4 holes to match the holes on your jlf (don’t use the mounting plate).

Next, dremel the button holes on your metal control panel to fit the buttons. And that’s pretty much it.

You can go a bit further by replacing the metal control panel with a piece of 1/16th inch lexan. you can also try and spray paint the case.

Here’s what my mod looks like:

If somebody where to ask me to do this local, I would ask $50 if they where providing all the parts. Probably would take me 3-6 hours spread out over 3 days to do.

If you can’t do it yourself, PM a member named “DevilsFang”. He does great mod-work and is the best to work with.

thanks jeenyus1.