Will Pay Top Doller For A Custom-Made Wireless Arcade Stick For The Xbox 360!

Sorry to fire up with this sort of question for my first post on this forum but I’ve been linked here by such a wonderful looking Virtua Fighter 5 Custom Arcade Stick by some member known as Dreamcaszman. Unfortunally, I continued to read the post and found that someone else asked the same question I was about to ask concerning buying one from him. The guy doesn’t have the time.

All I hear people telling me in many other forums I visit is that I should make one myself, but I do not have the nessesery skills to make one and never will. I will certainly pay a shitload of cash if someone were to sell me an exsisting one they made or start from scratch and make one for me.

Anyone interested in helping out, please let me know. I’m scratching my head here with annoyance over the thought that I simply cannot own one. I actully have two Hori DOA Arcade Sticks and they just don’t cut it anymore. Wireless all round baby!

Finally, I’d like to say that I’ve been looking at some other topics around here and also checked out the main site and like what I see. I will stick around and chat to you guys. As you can guess I’m a Fighting Game Fan through and through!

  • Charlie

Welcome to the SRK family lol. To answer your question, you’re better off going to the Trading outlet and check the many stick builders thread. Ask if they have any available spots to build a stick for you. If you want to be courageous, you can go ahead and try to mod that DOA 4 stick you got there. There’s a link in the Essentials thread about it.

Hey Charlie, yeah, welcome to the forums!

Thanks for taking an interest in the stick I made. I wouldn’t like anything better than to make sticks for people. Considering that plexi VF5 stick, a reasonable asking amount of money couldn’t compensate for the amount of time and fiddling involved to make - it was mostly all done be hand. It’s different if you have the right machinery and can pump out stick after stick (mass produce if you will). I would definately sell them if this was the case. On the other hand my wife and I are expecting, so no spare time for me AT ALL! :wow:

Don’t give up so early, have you even attempted building a stick? Read through all the multiple building threads on this forum, educate yourself and then ask yourself if you can do it. You might be surprised, it isn’t that difficult.

Tetsousan… Where is this Trade Thread that you speak of. I cannot find it.

Finally, with so many custom made Arcade Sticks in that Sticky Topic at the top, I’m suprised that no one ever thinks on trying a little auctioning on Ebay with some of their designs. I bet they would fetch a pretty penny.

Maybe I’m wrong but I kinda get the feeling that these people mostly would like to just show them off and make people like me (who don’t have the skills nor patience to make one) droll and beg.



no. you can find the trading forum above the matchmaking forums if you scroll down. I figure most of the builders have a waiting line but they are definatly still active.

Hey, thanks for help Fulaani. I guess you proved me wrong about no-one wanting to sell their custom made sticks.

Mmm, The problem now is that they all look like their from the USA and I’m from the UK. Maybe I’ll have to post another thread stating WTB and the rest. Cheers guys for the help.

  • Charlie

DH020 and Laurie are in the UK and they both produce top class work.

Hopefully this thread was worth it.

As for your Custom-Made Arcade Stick Dreamcaszman, I don’t understand why you say it’s wireless yet you mention USB on it? I don’t get it!

Anyway, I asked for something simular to yours in the sense of setup, size, buttons etc. I was very impressed with it.

For charging the batteries of course.

Whats actually nice about that one is he used the actual guide button instead of just a normal sanwa. very nice work.

Yep, I’ve got sticks from both these guys and they are my most prized possessions :wgrin: