Will Peachy the S groove CVS2 player be at Evo 07

As I like to see his Athena be back from Evo 2k2


He was at evo2k6
So i’m pretty sure he’ll be at 2k7

<3 Peachy

…no homo



I can Imagine. I once played S-Grove against Justin in Chinatown and it was the most fun I had playing CVS 2.

Lol! Guys Peachy doesn’t play S groove to much any more! At least when I played him over here (at our NW tournies).

I’ll try to ask him, and see if he can even post in the thread.

well I saw his match on youtube again for the second time in ages and when I saw his Athena, I remember how the crowd went mad.

The only reason, I am asking is cause I will be attending Evo in LV and I want 2 know who I will see there ?

Dr.B son hot shit

Dr. B is wuz up.

Jimmy!! He was at evo 2k6 so he might come to 2k7 too, who knows. With Seattle players they usually decide in like July. Late July.

Damn I haven’t been on here for hella long, at least over a year. :confused: Anyway, I just heard about this thread through the grapevine. Yeah I was at evo last year, and will most likely go this year, I suck ass though haha. Uhm… I dunno I haven’t really touched cvs2 in ages I will probably still enter for fun though.

Well the thing I remember the most at Evo 2K2 was when ur Athena was doing her crystal super over and over again, the crowd and hell even me and my boys watching it on DVD were going psycho.

Well hope 2 catch you at LV

yeah just saw the video and that was the first time I ever smiled watching CvS2.

The world needs more S-Groove players. (Just not me because I don’t play CvS2 all that well.)

Peachy makes me want to play S-groove.

Thx Man…I WILL BE AT EVO 2K7…I have already issued a challenge to play on the West Coast CvS2 allstar team…vs. Ohayo or Combofiend…shout out to PEACHY !!! NORTHWEST S POWER !!!

aLSO…Peep some of my S GROOVE matches on my music page !!!

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:clap: :rofl: :looney:

dr. S

Abhi, care to post that video of Peachy’s Athena?

I think Dr.B will be the best S groove at Evo07 (like in the past)

I hope I dont get in trouble for this

Thanks man…Imma be there CHARGING it UP !!! Much respect to Peachy !!! I actually have a casual match vid of our S Grooves fighting…I can post it up if you want…