Will playing SSF2THDR help with SF4?


I just bought this yesterday and I was wondering if playing this will help with my excecution in SF4? I play Ryu and It seems like it’s less forgiving with the inputs so I’m hoping that if I practice on this it’ll improve my game else where.

Is this true?

Also, if you didn’t know SF2HDR is on sale on the PSN Store for $7.49.


Yea, it can help for sure. Especially with motions like Supers in HDR. In SF4, you can pretty much mash out supers/ultras and the game knows what your trying to do. That’s not the case in HDR.

Matter of fact, playing just about any game outside of SF4 can really help execution. If you can, play 3s and CvS2 (CvS2 particularly, because it’s more like SF4 than 3s is) because those games are still somewhat relevant, they are fun, and they help build good execution. If you can cr. short~cr. short xx super with Ken, you can do any motion based moves in SF4 for the most part.

What exactly were you having trouble executing in SF4?


I just got a stick and before then I’m a real beginner so even doing things like hadokens on command are difficult.

I’ve kind of found my grove with my grip so I’m better QC motions but shoryukens are really difficult for me.

I’ve been able to get Ryus super out in HDR pretty good. I pretty much go into practice mode and an tatsumaki all the way to one side then hadoken all the way to the other side, then reverse it. Other than that combo timing is something i’ve been trying to work on. Stuff like his c.mk xx hadoken or tasumaki needs to be done all in 1 motion so that’s been work. His c. HPxxHadoken has been tough too.

Mainly I’m just looking for a game that has Ryu but with the least forgiving with the inputs so I’m forced to learn it the “right way”. Sometimes when I’m doing ultras and supers in SF4 with inputs on I’ll notice it’s coming out but I’m only hitting :d::r::d::r: which I know would be a bad habit to get in to. Even the combos in HDR have so much shorter of a window than in SF4.

I’m going for a “learn on the hardest” so when push comes to shove I know my excecution is clean.


Definitely, your reactions will definitely improve, as well as learn your fundamentals etc.


For Ryu this should be good to learn the correct execution, but for characters like T.Hawk, Zangief and Fei Long HDR actually has EASIER inputs than SF4. I think playing HDR it can help you the most with learning footsies and reactions since its so much faster.


No super cancels
less leniency on a majority of inputs
smaller reversal window
more punishing zoning and footsie game
ToD type combos

Yes, HDR will make you better at SFIV, just like shooting jumpshots on a hoop with a smaller circumference will inevitably make you a better pure shooter when you play on a regulation hoop.


No, SFIV will help you get better to move forwards to ST and 3S. SFIV is a starter game for noobs. Been stated MANY times by Capcom, so start with SFIV, don’t do it the other way, it will be much harder that way.


How’s the community of ssf2thdr? Is there a large pool players on psn where I can find matches constantly? Or are the players fading out and I would only be able to find players in certain hours?


Don’t start with SFIV if you plan on moving to ST. You’ll get used to the shortcuts and the more lenient inputs which will be treacherous in ST (I can’t say anything about 3s, I don’t touch that game really).


so start with the HARDER games and move down to the EASIER game. GOTCHA

and 3S arguably has the strictest timing in any game. But do what you want. 3S and ST are leagues better than IV when it comes to strict timing and execution, etc ,etc, and starting with IV, getting actually GOOD at the game (enough to know what your doing and winning a fair amount of matches) will give you a good headstart on the other games such as ST and 3S. Yes, the inputs will be much stricter and the games are not noob-welcoming games, but with that experience at IV will help you understand at least what you are doing.


Well yes. Makes sense to me. Why start with a game that will give you bad habits that won’t translate to other games instead of starting with a game that will instigate good habits that WILL transfer over to other games?


well, the ONLY good that will come from that is being able to enjoy ST and 3S and SFIV will be ALOT easier to win at, but the time that someone will have to invest in 3S or ST from SCRATCH will be crazy to get to a competitive level. But yes, SFIV is very noob-friendly that is gentle to both players no matter how good they are anyways. And if he does take your suggested route, I would just recommend playing ST and 3S and not even moving on to IV really.

and with this which I missed earlier than you were right, Valaris. If this the case, play ST and 3S. Both games will get you beastly in other games if you get good enough.


True. I haven’t taken in consideration the fact that he’s starting ST/3s from scratch. I mistakenly used my point of view which is one of having played ST for years.


AHH… yes, it is hard to look at another point of view than your own. I do it all the time LOL. But if he does choose your way, he probably will be playing ST/3S for years before even getting good enough to compete with other decent/experienced players at them. ;p


It’s funny playing SF4 after HDR. It feels like I have hours to hit the follow up attack. In HDR you have to be hitting the next button as soon as the first one lands, it’s tough.

Just playing HDR for one night made me better at SF4 the next day.

I can’t answer any community questions about HDR because, I pretty much play all my current games in training mode by myself… I’m not good enough for online and I’m a no friend loser. Even easy CPU beats me but, I feel like whenever I play (i have tried online I just lose every time) I can see what people are doing but, my excecution is what limits my reaction.

Either way, I suck. I just practice all the time.


he is talking about ALL of the shortcuts that there are in sf4, they leave u with terrible habits and a realy sloppy execution! Why do you think the pros are so good? they have their basics down with sf2 turbo! Why do you think jhon choi gone so far in devastation? when he doesnt realy plays that much SF4…BECAUSE he is an old school sf2 sf alpha player! He haves a realy good execution because of this games!

Of course if you dont wanna improve and play sf just for kicks well then play just sf4


While online is not that great, keep at it. You can do combos in training mode until the cows come home but if you don’t play against people you aren’t going to get any better. Losing in street fighter is one of the best ways to improve your game, albeit discouraging at first

Go to the matchmaking forums and find your area, local players will help your game out immensely, especially if you are just starting out


You play on the 360 or PS3? If you play on the 360, I would be more then happy to give you some “basics” priming to be ready for the real deal, you will lose ALOT, but as long as you can figure out why you are losing and learn from it you will get better quickly.


I realize I need to play to get better. I’m not going to get better by just comboing dan in training mode. I’m more spending a lot of initial time in training to get used to the stick and work on my excecution. When I get into matches I’m so on edge and hyped up that I can’t get anything out. I do play some player matches from time to time to see where I’m am.

Also there is absolutely nothing in my area. I wish I could be proved wrong on this. There is only one michigan thread in the match-making forum and it’s full of a bunch of crazies who are all near detroit anyway.

Unfortunately I’m on the ps3 otherwise I would love to take you up on this offer. But, I definitely can tell why I’m losing for the most part. Most of the damage I take comes from punching instead of dragon punching when I get jumped in on. Or dragon punching when I’m trying to throw a fireball then I get punished. I definitely feel like my brain knows what’s going on better than my hands do.


If you only play fighting games on the PS3, you’re pretty much limited to SF4, HDR, and MvC2. CvS2, the Alpha series, 3S, and any other PS2 game will have 3 frames of lag added due to how PS3s handle backwards compatibility. This includes PS3s with hardware backwards compatibility. Although this might be ok for casuals (depending how hardcore you and your friends are) this really isn’t good for serious training.

So of the games you’re left with, but HDR and MvC2 will help with execution. Of the two of those HDR has more in common with SF4. Will there be some execution benefit? Sure. If you can say, Jump RH, Low forward, Fireball with Ryu in HDR, you can pretty much jump right in and do it in SF4. Comboing supers is harder in HDR as well; in the 2 series, you have to pre buffer half of the super motion before doing the normal. So picture: fireball motion, down middle kick, second fireball motion, punch. Although many might think “well, why learn this if it’s the only game it works like this in,” it’s actually a useful technique in some other games (3S for example) for hit confirming supers.

Other things though… HDR is not link heavy like SF4, nor are there FADC combos. I’d personally argue that Viper and Gen’s stuff in SF4 is harder to execute than most everything in HDR, but that’s just me.

So in some senses it will help your execution, in others, SF4 has some game specific stuff you’ll still have to practice.