Will SF4 sticks be compatible with MvC2

I tried looking for a thread on this topic before posting, so sorry in advance if i skipped over it. will the SE and TE sticks works for MvC2 on xbox live and PSN. i currently do not have any of the downloadable fighting games likes SFA or SF2 remix, so have no previous experience using the stick outside of sf4.

No, you have to buy new Madcatz MvsC2 branded sticks.

I’m kidding.

why not…

If you can navigate the menus using your stick it’s a given that games will support it.

… I thought SE/TE sticks work for any PS3/ PC game. I tried it on an online game (Rumble Fighter, don’t play it, just wanted to test if it works :P) and it worked. I’m pretty sure the fightstick works as a normal controller, designed for fighting games.

I don’t own a 360, so I can’t comment on that.

I know the PS3 TE/SE sticks work fine on PS3 games, PS1 disc games, and DLC games just fine… just sucks that it doesn’t work on PS2 games.

Let’s see…

Official SCIV stick -> only SCIV
Official SFIV stick -> only SFIV
Official MvC2 stick -> only MvC2
Custom stick -> ???

Try that logic on for size.


Your only real concern is whether you’d want to use your SFIV joystick on MvC2.

I have yet to see someone play Marvel well on a JLF or LS32, but I suppose anything is possible since there are DC pad Marvel players out there.

A stick is a stick.
No worries.

Yeah I bought an hrap3 to use for most mame and sf with square gate, sanwa buttons and balltop.

My SE is sanwa battop, octogate and sanwa buttons and is used pretty much only for MvC2 and Marvel Mame.

Any stick would be fine. I would use a happ stick for mvc2 then a sanwa or semistu

Custom sticks only work with M.U.G.E.N.

His concerns aren’t unfounded. Madcatz PS3 SE and TE sticks do not work with PS2 games through backwards compatibility. They simply don’t activate. Thus you could not use a SF4 stick with the PS2 port of Marvel vs Capcom.

Since it is being released as a PSN game though, any stick that works with PS3 games should work just fine with it.

I would rep you for this post if I could.

Not to bust anyone’s bubble, but from what I just read Capcom IS NOT realeasing MvC2 on xbl/psn or anything.


are you sure?

What rock do you live under?

Seriously dude, the announcement is currently on the SRK home page.

If that’s not enough: http://www.tu4ar.com

'nuff said

Edit: PS3 Owners get to download the exclusive demo tomorrow via PSN.

Somebody needs to take this man for a ride.