Will SF4 sticks be compatible with MvC2


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Japanese sticks or buttons are not made for marvel, unless you want to replace the buttons every few months. American joystick are better for marvel they go back faster to neutral mode.

:angel: Do not worry my child, they will work.

That isn’t applicable with PSN/XBL games. The reason that it doesn’t work on PS2 games is because NO controllers other than the sixaxis or DS3 will work with PS2 games. There is no USB controller support for PS2 games. Maybe 3rd party bluetooth controllers work but I know for sure no USB controllers work and that’s because of the way the PS3 is.

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What about how MvC2 plays makes it so much more suited to American parts? What about an LS-32-1 with a circular gate?

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My Hori fighting Stick 3 works just fine, as well as the Cthulhu board. I believe the HRAP3’s would work also. For that matter, I just tried my 3rd party Nyko PS3 controller with USB dongle and it also worked.

It’s not an issue with USB, it’s an issue with driver support. The Hori sticks used to not work in PS2 backwards compatible games. Then after a firmware update a ways ago they did. I was hoping the last firmware update would have made the Madcatz sticks PS2 BC compatible, but it did not.

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Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know SRK was publishing the game, I thought it was Capcom. I just stated what Seth said in an interview on Tuesday.

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To stay on topic…Yes, a stick is a stick.

OK, when I’m wrong I’m wrong. But who is right. This site: http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/19476/Marvel-VS-Capcom-2-Announced-for-Xbox-Live-Arcade/ says it’s comming. So why are heads at capcom saying no. I would love to see this as much as anyone else. Alpha3 would be nice too.

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You are trolling everyone now, right? Obviously Shoryuken isn’t releasing MvC2 on XBL/PSN; it is indeed Capcom doing this, as one would expect.

Mind providing a source for the Seth Killian interview you referenced? Because you’ve been provided with 2 different, legitimate websites that confirm that Capcom is releasing the game this summer for both consoles.

Just sayin’. See also: Capcom-Unity’s Twitter page, which also mentions the game.

One more: Marvel.com’s message board thread about the game’s announcement

I thought he was making a funny at first but the failure is rapdily pileing up.

lol sure it will work in any game its just a stick controller, the only thing why its called SF4 sticks is because the template design is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of SF