Will SFxT be the new flagship FG?

Some claim it will be a casual party game, but SSFIV is pretty old now.

What do you think?

I don’t know anyone who claims it will be a casual party game. I mean it would be nice if it was fun. At family gatherings I have to dust off the wii and put on Brawl or some mario game because no one knows how to play street fighter or marvel properly and they just get bored.

Top players already say it’s better than Street Fighter and Marvel, but I’ve only had maybe 2 hours time with the game so I’m not making any conclusions til I have it in-hand. I can see it becoming the main event everywhere outside of Japan. In Japan if it doesn’t have an arcade release, most of the top players will not take it seriously. Imagine if Sako, Haitani, Uryo, Kazunoko, Momochi etc played Marvel? That would be fucking sick. Mago, Daigo, and Tokido play(ed) it but they didn’t take it too seriously.

Right now there are only a few requisites for being a flagship fighting game.

  1. Be a Capcom game
  2. Be a fighting game
  3. Americans and Japanese must play it, rest of the world will follow unless it’s Mexico (the world should follow them, KoF 13 is better than any Capcom fighter out right now)

I really can’t stress enough how much praise this game is getting from competitive players. I expected it to suck and did not enjoy the game at all at the fight club I went to. So I hope it ends up being good and not mediocre like the SF4 series. A lot of people have been saying that this game is like CvS2 mixed with Tekken Tag with hints of the Alpha series. Sounds dope.

Hopefully no.

Ill reserve judgement for when the game actually comes out. Cause after watching some of the good players play it I like what Im seeing but it’ll have to wait a few months before we REALLY get into the meat and potatoes of this game.

Let’s wait and see what the numbers are like for tournament attendance and stream audience!

Most of the top players LOVE it sofar, ranking it over older games they played even.

It will be a flagship, will that stick is yet to been seen, but sofar its looking like it has all the right stuff

Most of the top players LOVE it sofar, ranking it over older games they played even.

It will be a flagship, will that stick is yet to been seen, but sofar its looking like it has all the right stuff

Seems like it. That’s really all I gotta say on that.

If it is good enough.

From the way people who played the final version extensively talk about it, it sure does seem that way. Assuming the capcops didn’t get to them.

I mean, Ricky Ortiz said it was the best game since CVS2. thats a big thing to say.

And not only Ricky. Mike Ross and Flash Metroid said it’s the best Capcom game and also Marn said it’s the best game ever. ^^
Some pro players hated it first (the previous build) but they all say that this final build is awesome.

Even the Tekken guys love it. They all got money from Capcom to promote the game? I don’t think so!

Even Tekken guys? Psshh EVEN 3S PLAYERS are liking it. Its scary.

God help us all if it is.

Flash MEtroid said it was better than Guilty Gear.

Whoa, whoaaaaaaaaaaa. These kind of statements irk me. They’re like two different types of games. Why on earth would he make a comparison like that?

3s players are saying its a god send… never thought I would see that happen.

Top players are throwing around best game thats come out since etc, etc, etc.

Everyone can hate but when top 3s guys are saying they’ll finally play something other 3s I think we have a fucking winner. I don’t get hype about anything, I play whats popular because people are playing it not because I like it ( why i play ssf4 and BB ) but I have always been a GG guy. This is the first time I’m actually hype for a new game to come out.

capcom sure knows how to sell a video game. lets just hope it’s half as good as the hype.

Because he was being paid by Capcom to be on Cross Assault’s stream.

I hope to god it isn’t.


I don’t think capcom was paying these guys to be on long island joes stream.

Also not everyone had positive things to say about SFxT on the cross assault stream either.