Will Smith - Hancock the Superhobo!

oh shit, I dunno if this has been posted yet (and I’m not going to search for it)

but theres this teaser of Hancock and it looks hilarious


Finally an anti-hero everybody can love. I wonder what “turns him around” to be more positive?

The whale bit was the best part… it looks like Bateman is just playing Michael Bluth in this movie.

And yay for ‘Move Bitch’ playing in the background…

Will Smith is hustling for dat 2012 vote.

he’s got mine.


Will Smith is dat dude. Anyone see the police man get killed when he smashed through the sign?

“I don’t remember that.”

“…Greenpeace does.”

Looks like it will be a fun movie to watch.

WS has my vote!

Looks good, I was reminded of Bad Day L.A (the whole black hobo saving the world thing).

I’m just waiting for Smith to say “AWWW HAIL NAWWW!!”

Will Smith is just amazing.

Yeah, he really is amazing. People hate on him, but you can truly see he tries his best as an actor.
He is always more than willing to take up roles on either side of the spectrum.

Oh, and I’m seriously waiting to hear “AWWW HAIL NAWWW!!”

:sad: It makes me proud to see a fellow hobo succeed… dood.

After reading this on AICN a few days back, shit got me all excited.

WTF? It looks like shit.

I agree

Racists ^

This movie is just exuding win.

Will Smith now has my vote.

You shouldn’t talk to the future commander-in-chief that way.

Ok, I need see this. Recommending Hancock for Broken Tier, also.

I thought Kimbo was the only superhobo in town.

fuckin dope! the whale toss got me all hyped!

Holy hell…I was just saying that Will Smith needs to go back and do music, that shit was hilarious. But this movie makes me change that, he needs to do more hobo movies