Will Smith! If You're Real You Gotta Tell Us Right Now!


A shallow attempt to start a Will Smith resource thread more in hopes to get the actual Will Smith to spout off witty posts.





I think if Nic Cage and Will Smith were in the same movie the world would suicide orgasm itself to death and the product would be this.


Hey we all watched Fresh Prince, Will Smith haters can admit it.


I only watched a few episodes as a kid, I was more of a Cartoon Network guy and never liked live action shows back then, mostly because most of them treated your intelligence like a baked potato. Still loved Hey Arnold! though, favorite Nicktoon of all time.

Let the hate commence.


Will Smith is a homosexual

Well bisexual, but he is leaning really strongly towards that dick.

Dude needs to stop hanging out with old Duane Martin for realz.

Ask LisaRaye, she laid it out in a Jet magazine interview.


I think these things are getting out of hand. Next we’re gonna have a Gary Busey thread.


Don’t give anybody ideas! o_O


My idea, if anybody makes the thread it’s gonna be ME. :coffee:


Mr. Joshua approves.




I’m sorry.
I must.


Will Smith thread has been Hijacked by all things Busey, there is no defense. Sorry HavNasty.

Dat Grin




No you d’int.



Dat Obama-Cage pic is soo much more than slightly disturbing…


I’m frequently aggressive in situations that don’t call for it.


I’m surprised I’m the first one to post this.



No its true will smith is gay he was pissed because Mark Anothony wouldn’t let him tap that ass with Jada.


lol at this thread WTHell Havatchu, lol at the bump for that




I always knew there would be a reason to post these somewhere…


Yawn. I just assume by default that every celeb working in Hollywood is gay until proven hetero.


You would probably be right more than wrong. Especially after my girl told me that Travolta was gay WAAAAAY before that whole thing popped up with him. She told me a shit more about the celebs she used to see in the hotel in San Fran she used to work at but I don’t want to get too carried away.