Will someone please help?


i just got a hori v3 fight stick…not the HRAP series the smaller one,6 button layout…i must say i love it…im ordering some sanwa buttons and ball tops im fine with that part…but i have not seen any templates or artwork for it…if anyone can point me in the right direction would be nice…or if anyone knows how to make them to print would be greatly appreciated.im looking for a juri template if possible but am open for other ideas…thx in advance…like i said its the V3 not HRAP its the 6 button layout thx everyone…


Please feel free to browse the forums, There is at least 3 or 4 different threads with answers to your questions.

ps - Welcome to Tech Talk - where we teach you to help yourself :slight_smile:


i appreciate you helping and responding fast but i did look around at the threads i only found ones for the mad catz te and hrap pretty much all others than the v3 so sorry for being a noob and a pain but maybe a link or something? thx


Template is located in the Thread for the Arcade Stick you have.


Meant to also add that a more accurate Template is on the website of blklightning21.