Will Street Fighter III ever come to Europe/PAL for PS2?

In Europe, Capcom don’t seem to have released any of the Street Fighter III variants for PS2. (No New Gen, no 2nd impact & and no 3rd Strike).

I know for PS2 that the Hyper Street Fighter Anniversary Edition in the US has SFIII: 3rd Strike included in the set, but PAL/Europe only has the hyper Street fighter portion of that set. Odd, when the Xbox PAL version resembles the US counterpart and includes both SFII and SFIII: 3rd Strike.

The questions are these:

  1. Why hasn’t Capcom released 3rd strike in Europe (PS2)?
  2. Will Capcom ever release SFIII for the PS2 in Europe?

Much obliged if anyone can shed come light on this.

  1. God knows, youd think they wanted to lose money on it by releasing it for less popular systems like the DC and X-Box :confused: .
  2. Highly unlikely, at least not at this late stage.

Capcom even had a poll on their European boards about what was your favourite 2d fighter, and 3rd strike won, youd think that would be reason enough to realise it right ?.


Well, you thought wrong :? .

Just do what I did and get the Jap version + Swap Magic.

So it would be foolish to sit and wait for a super new anthology collection of all the SF3 games …? :wgrin:

Capcom, if you’re reading, please do it!

Ebay an import copy my friend.

From what I heard, it was to do with internal Sony politics. Typical fat white men in suits ruining it for everyone else. No surprises there.

Sure. Expect something 15 years later as an anniversary pack. That seems to be the trend lately.

Seriously: do what everyone else does: import it. I own a modded PAL PS2, and don’t own a single PAL game. I buy everything on import from Play-Asia and Lik-Sang. Asides from fighting games, I play a lot of shmups which never see te light of day outside of Japan.

We PAL gamers get stuff-all locally worth spending money on, and for the stuff that is worth buying, you can get it on import cheaper. I bought JAP Tekken 5 for AU$50 plus AU$5 postage while it was sitting on store shelves locally for AU$90.

But that involves either:

Modding my PS2 - which i don’t want to do yet
buying a swap magic tray that requires a lot of fiddling around with to get an import game to play…

Sure, they are work around solutions, but i could hold on if Capcom made moves to plan a SFIII release. Wishful thinking yeah.

Ah, thought as much. You are probably correct. SFIII might get here when the PS3 is in mid-term.