Will Street Fighter V be heavily match-up based?

Games that tend to be catered to fundamentals more than random mechanics tend to emphasize less on match-ups and focus more on studying your opponent (player). One of the things I disliked the most about SF4 is that the game is HEAVILY based on match-up…sometimes it feels like your playing against the character more than the actual player.

Do you think SFV has shown early hints that its moving away from a match-up centered feel?

You are always going to have good and bad match ups. There’s simply no way around it. This is why fundamentals are there to allow for players to get over humps that a certain match up could bring. I do feel that SFV will Excell better at fundamentals more so than SF4 though. Since the neutral game carries more weight this time around.

Without a doubt, I agree that there will always be favorable and unfavorable match-ups, especially in Street Fighter. But my primary concern is the degree of it. A game like KOFXIII has match-ups but its not like a ridiculous Bison-Guile, Vega-Abel, Blanka vs. grapplers type of thing.

Counterpoint, Super Turbo is yet another game that’s heavily based on fundamentals and it is also heavily match up based (this is a game with 9:1 match ups after all). At the end of the day, heavy match up dependence comes more from having unique characters with disparate tools and not on whether a game is more heavily based on fundamentals. Just read Seth’s old Dom 101 article.

Now with that in mind, Street Fighter V, like any Street Fighter game, will most likely be very match up based. This is because of the fact that characters are being designed to be quite unique. More importantly, the game’s universal mechanics, aren’t totally universal at all. Characters all have unique V-Skills and V-Triggers which will factor heavily into match ups.

And you know what, that’s fine. Especially if it helps bring about the kind of meta-balance that Seth talked about in his Dom 101 article.

Yeah agreed. The less universal systems a game has the more matchup based it is likely to be… Sf5’s universal mechanics tend to all be highly independent of one another so this game looks to be VERY matchup dependent. I don’t think this is a bad thing until a game gets to above 30 characters at which point the game becomes dumb because a lot of times many of those matchups you will never play against a high level player of said character outside of a tournament at which point you might lose cause of lack of matchup knowledge… Which sucks. With a smaller cast this is much less likely to happen and keeping the balance close across the board is easier even while still having shitty matchups.

I do think that in any streetfighter game it is smarter to have a double main and the second character should have the exact opposite strengths and weaknesses as your first character… If not for matchups sakes then for players sake. It can be good to have both a keepaway plasma chucker like ryu as a main while having an up close character as a secondary. That way if you come up against a character that counters fireballs you can pull out your non fireball character and if someone has a character that beats non fireball characters you can throw plasma guy against them.

Basically like how afrolegends mains rog and dee jay in ST one has good plasma one has good good rushdown.

Not all combos should function this way of course, but it’s a good place to start. And of course if you “main” 3 characters then you cover even more matchups. But the more characters you play the less in depth play you get with them… But that’s kinda not really a good metric anymore. Once you get to a certain point with any character, say after a year or so of play against good competition, assuming the competition is varied and very good you will start to see diminishing returns on your one character as far as time is invested.

When sf5 comes out I won’t be making the “1 character for all time” mistake that I made with sf4. I will more than likely main 2 characters and switch them around as a I see fit b never maining more than 2 at any one time.

If I find that my “second” is becoming much stronger than my first, then I may well drop my first for a character that I think is stronger and that also complements my second.

And vice versa if my first starts to become way stronger than my second.

My goal will be to have 2 very strong choices that compliment each other in matchups and playstyle to bring to tournaments since I know that bad matchups are likely.

Having more than one main was pretty common back in the day for games like ST or A2 (remember when Daigo used 'Rog and Guile in ST alongside Ryu). It’s only in more recent (post 2000) times that we’ve seen more and more character specialists who stick to a single character.