Will Taokaka VOICE DLC in BBCS work in Extend?

Will Taokaka VOICE DLC in BBCS work in Extend?

If you mean the BBCS DLC announcer, the answer is no, but.

More precisely, none of your BBCS DLC will “Work with EX” but EX has it all on disc and it is unlocked by using the points you accrue by playing the game.

does that include the Taokaka voice? i can unlock that? omg awesome!?>

If it was available as BBCS DLC, it is available for unlock in Extend. They are releasing all new DLC announcers for Extend that you have to pay for.

That said, it’s not really the “Taokaka voice” - it’s the voice actress that does Tao, but sadly, she doesn’t do the announcing in her Tao voice. I would cheerfully pay for “Zhe Wheel of Fate is tyurning, nya.”

oh really :frowning: and i would pay for that too lol

Does anyone know if the CT announcer voice is available, or at least if the CS2 stock one is? For that matter, which is the default voice for Extend? I changed it on accident and can’t remember what the default setting was, lol.

CT, unavailable, and it seems as if they won’t bring it back, CS2 stock might be available in the shop, I don’t recall when I get off work I’ll check. Also all the DLC announcers(If Aksys) plans on bringing them over are all the female characters from the game currently, Kokonoe included.

Edit:CS1 Announcer unavailable. CS2 is Carl A, Tao is available, everything else, DLC