Will Tech Talk be relocating somewhere given the end of the SRK forums?


Damnit, I just joined too, about a month back. I’ve been slowly consuming various threads and keeping up with “Tech Talk” and the “Show me your (stick|cabinet)” discussions. It would be good to have these continue on.


We will die in a reddit. Also I hate their format


I don’t think a Reddit really suits the purpose of Tech Talk. Forums work better as an archive of information than a Reddit.


I haven’t tweeted anything worthwhile lately (really, I even post regular meal pics, lol), but on Twitter I’m @ShinMagus (for messaging)… Created a public list at https://twitter.com/ShinMagus/lists/srk-tech-talk and added you to it for organization purposes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Man that’s crazy I learn how to solder and dual-modded my T5 stick due to these forums. I learned so much about PCBs and arcade parts. If it wasn’t for these forums I wouldn’t have the confidence to just buy a PCB like Brook and just wire it up. I am willing to donate to the relocation of these forums or some other method of keeping knowledge alive for everyone especially new hobbyist just getting into stick modding/building. Concepts like input lag as well all thought to me by these forums. Adding facts instead of it “feels” different, well now you knew why it felt different 100 percent. Knowledge should definitely have a place to strive. Especially Tech Talk.


This is an example of how it could be structured.



Can’t imagine a world without SRK’s Tech Talk and all of the invaluable threads and pics :frowning:




Disheartening to say the least, specially after coming back here after so many years.


I’ll be making an SRK replacement if demand is high enough. Please post here to help gauge demand:

If all goes well I can have this running by the end of the week!


If anything, is there a way to archive all of techtalk?

I rarely post here, but I’ve been reading and referring back to these threads for almost 10 years


People are working on migrating the stuff from here. If that falls through I’ll be starting new forums from scratch, and the old posts will be gone. =[


Start copying and pasting.


Alternatively, if you use Chrome you can install an extension to save pages as MHT single pages.


I’d suggest at least saving the stickies for newcomers, saves so many first-time questions if anybody bothers to look and read. Definitely helped me not make an ass of myself with simple questions.


lol yeah right


I mean, there is the internet time machine? Check that for how well archived the site is there and fill in the blanks.


That or someone build a web crawler to save everything :stuck_out_tongue:


An off the shelf one like wget isn’t good enough for you?


Gunna level with you here, I didnt know you could buy one, hahaha
Thought they were mostly purpose built :stuck_out_tongue: