Will Tekken 6 be Arcana Heart all over again?

I want to buy it but I was told that the version that is coming out is not Bloodline Rebellion.

The Arcana Heart comparison comes from the fact that the US release of the first one fell around the time that everyone was talking about the second one.

Will tekken be worth buying at the end of the month, or will there be another release of BR a few months later.

Just wondering. Thanks.

Tekken 6 for console is not a port of Tekken 6.0 it’s a port of Tekken 6 BR. So there will not be a BR version later because it is Tekken 6 BR.

The version coming out is Bloodline Rebellion. Whoever told you otherwise is a big fat stinking liar liar pants on fire.

Tekken 6 on PS3/360 = Tekken 6 BR ya dig?

Fuck is this nonsense…

awesome, thanks.

Yes, tekken 6 will be arcana heart.

What the fuck?

Don’t compare Tekken 6 to Arcana Heart.

Sorry damn. I was just trying to get an answer to a question and not waste my money.

Tekken is a much better game, we all know.

Thanks again .

Dude you’re from '01 wtf?

Misinformation and ignorance has no join date. el oh el.

So angry…
flame thrower.

“F*ck Arcayna Heart!”

I sure hope there is a Heart costume.

For Ganryu, of course.

Actually for a time I was confused about this as well.

sigh. opinions on SRK.

What the FUCK? Who told you that? You better give me a name, Mother fucker If I find out on my own I’ll rape him AND you.

oh lord he compared Tekken to Arcana



Its not comparing it to arcana that got me mad. Its that someone is stupid enough to tell him its vanilla 6 thats coming out. <3 arcana :3 Mei fang all day son.