Will tekken hybrid arcade stick ps3 work on PC?


Title pretty much says it all. Just want to know if it will work on PC. Also i imagine as it uses Seimitsu parts that my Seimitsu LS-32-02 Joystick would work with it. here’s a link to the page its being sold on. http://store.namcobandaigames.com/store/namcous/en_US/pd/productID.236817100


It’s a style TE-S, the stick uses Sanwa parts as all other TE sticks. And it’s compatible with PC.


If your PC can detect the PCB of the joystick (use the GamePad/Hardware control panel on your PC and look for the PCB detection software there), chances are that it will work fine OR that you can find software (XPadder, Joy2Pad) that lets you use that controller with the PC.

The main issues are with the AMD/Nvidida-equipped PC’s. Microsoft and Intel have a close relationship so proprietary code and bug fixes generally doesn’t get released as quickly to AMD. There are occasional problems with updates to fix bugs that affect games, monitors, and drivers on AMD/PC’s.

I know about this from personal experience… :frowning:

(Of course, one reason some people prefer AMD/PC’s is that the processors are generally significantly faster than the Intel processors. The AMD processors can be comfortably overclocked, too, in many cases == not something limited to just this processor line but it’s a huge draw for PC hardware geeks == and perform easily above stated specs.)

To use MAME with my monitor, I have to rollback the Nvidia graphics card driver on my PC. It really doesn’t affect overall PC operation – it just seems for whatever reasons that I get bluescreen whenever I try to run MAME while my graphics card has the latest driver installed. Going back to the recommended Nvidia “258” driver solves the issue and the PC’s still completely useable with all my applications.

Fortunately for me, I have joysticks with third-party PCB’s (Toodles MC Cthulu) that make the MC TE R1/R2 PCB situation moot where I’m concerned. The PCB’s I have in those joysticks have been compatible across the board with every PC game and system emulator I’ve bothered to use them with.

Haven’t heard about experiences of other AMD/PC users that have joysticks equipped with other third-party replacement PCB’s (PS360+, Cerberus) that aren’t Cthulu-based… Can’t speak for the compatibility of something I don’t own!